BrandArena: Mastercard and CEBIH join forces to bolster cybersecurity in Nigeria

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Mastercard and CEBIH join forces to bolster cybersecurity in Nigeria

Mastercard, in collaboration with the Committee of E-Banking Industry Heads for Nigeria (CeBIH), recently hosted the second edition of its annual Fraud Forum in Lagos, Nigeria. Building on the success of the inaugural edition in 2023, this year’s forum convened key industry players ranging from financial institutions, payment service banks, and fintech companies, to discuss critical issues such as threats and vulnerability, intel-sharing, and best practices in combating industry risks.

The cybersecurity event, attended by key public and private sector actors, also covered the regional threat landscape based on Mastercard's strategic threat intelligence data. This timely intervention is crucial in a region where cyberattacks remain prevalent, especially amidst Nigeria’s rapid economic expansion and widespread adoption of digital financial services.

Recent data from the Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC) revealed a staggering 276% increase in fraud-related losses within Nigeria’s deposit banks, underscoring the need for continuous vigilance and proactive cybersecurity strategies within the financial sector. In response to the escalating threats amid Nigeria’s bourgeoning financial landscape, key government bodies have called for enhanced collaboration within the payment systems’ ecosystem to curtail the rise in E-Fraud in the country.

"We are excited to continue the Fraud Forum in Nigeria," said Kari Tukur, Vice President, Customer and Solutions Center, West & East Africa, Mastercard. "With cyberattacks posing serious challenges within the Nigerian financial ecosystem, we take pride in establishing a platform where key stakeholders can convene, network, and exchange best practices to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities. Mastercard remains committed to creating unique and essential solutions to help business owners protect themselves and their customers against vulnerabilities, and this platform provides us with an opportunity to drive knowledge regarding these solutions as we aim to elevate cybersecurity standards and ensure the resilience of the Nigerian financial ecosystem.”

The forum delved into various aspects of cybersecurity, including common attack methods used by cyber criminals, their motivations, the assets they target, and the best practices to safeguard against attacks. Attendees gained valuable insights into the regional cyber threat landscape, with a focus on the financial services sector, which has become a prime target for cybercriminals in recent years. It also presented an avenue for Mastercard to showcase its latest fraud prevention techniques and tools, including the Mastercard Decision Intelligence, a real-time authorization decisioning solution that empowers issuers to approve more genuine transactions while effectively managing risk.

“We are delighted to partner with Mastercard on another edition of the Mastercard Fraud Forum in Nigeria. This event continues to serve as a pivotal platform for industry leaders, stakeholders, and experts to convene and address the evolving landscape of fraud and cybersecurity challenges, especially in a period marked by increased sophistication. With this year’s edition, we continue to deepen our commitment to fostering collaboration and implementing effective strategies to combat fraud and safeguard the integrity of the financial ecosystem.” Temitope Onibaniyi, Secretary, Emerging Payments of CeBIH, representing Celestina Appeal, the CeBIH Chairman, added.

The forum aligns with Mastercard's goal of providing clarity to the complex cybersecurity landscape, in a bid to foster an ecosystem where digital transactions are built on trust. As part of its commitment to combating fraud, Mastercard also announced that it will be sponsoring the CeBIH Quarterly Sessions for the second consecutive year, bringing together industry experts to discuss the latest trends in fraud prevention and share best practices for protecting customers.

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