BrandArena: Introducing DOTTA: Secured Records Unveils Innovative Identity Verification API

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Introducing DOTTA: Secured Records Unveils Innovative Identity Verification API

Secured Records Management Solutions (SRMS), a leading provider of comprehensive document management and secure software solutions is set to launch its groundbreaking identity verification product, DOTTA.

DOTTA represents a cutting-edge biometric verification self-service solution aimed at empowering digital businesses and government organizations with a seamless, intelligent, and streamlined approach to real-time identity verification. The platform boasts features such as facial recognition and liveness checks, enhancing the identity verification process across the web and native platforms.

Dr. Sam Nwosu, CEO of Secured Records Management Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the product's potential impact, stating, "Innovation drives progress, and we are thrilled to introduce our API-based identity verification solution, DOTTA. By combatting identity fraud in Nigeria, DOTTA promises to revolutionize the way e-businesses and government entities operate. Our successful marketplace testing has demonstrated DOTTA's economic benefits for our clients, and we are excited to unveil additional updates in the near future."

Starting February 2024, product managers and product developers working in digital product-focused companies who desire an effective way of eliminating identity fraud and making their products more secure can get a free demo of DOTTA. Sign up for a free demo today and experience DOTTA firsthand. Be among the first to receive free credit usable once API integrations are completed.

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