BrandArena: Nigerian Women in Public Relations Unveils Theme for 2024 Experiencing PR Conference

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Nigerian Women in Public Relations Unveils Theme for 2024 Experiencing PR Conference

Nigerian Women in Public Relations, a socially impactful organization, has revealed the theme for the upcoming 2024 Experiencing Public Relations Conference set to take place on March 20, 2024.

In its third iteration, the 2024 conference is titled "Quiet Wars: Leveraging Public Relations for Conflict Management." Geared towards senior public office holders, seasoned business professionals, and experts in public relations and communication, the event anticipates hosting over 1,000 virtual delegates from more than 10 countries and 500 in-person delegates in Lagos, Nigeria.

The organization highlighted that the theme was carefully chosen to underscore the repercussions of conflicts between nations in the Middle East and Europe, with African countries grappling with the transformations resulting from military interventions, coups, democratic transitions, and shifts in organizational and team leaderships.

Tolulope Olorundero, Public Relations Consultant and Founder of Nigerian Women in PR, emphasized the timeliness of the theme in today's global context. She expressed, "Wars will find resolution through dialogue; coups will be replaced by elections as leaders engage in negotiations. Internal dissent during leadership changes at various levels will diminish significantly as transparent communication becomes the norm."

The Experiencing Public Relations conference is renowned for its thoughtful exploration of public relations strategies from both client and practitioner perspectives. The 2024 edition will feature a business panel where esteemed executives will share insights into navigating conflicts using public relations strategies that have yielded results. The industry panel will include expert public relations professionals practicing in Africa and Europe.

Recognized globally for its unique approach to industry discussions, the Experiencing PR Conference continues to set standards in promoting third-party validation of public relations practices. This ensures that attendees, including business leaders and public office holders, gain actionable insights and practical strategies from seasoned professionals to enhance their organizations.

Tolulope underscored the commitment to providing "unique opportunities for attendees to learn from experienced business leaders who have successfully navigated different quiet wars. An international industry panel will explore new and progressive public relations and communication strategies. A fireside chat with a millennial adept at managing public conflicts will highlight the generational aspect of conflict resolution."

The 2024 Experiencing Public Relations Conference will also witness the launch of Volume II of the Experiencing Public Relations Magazine, featuring expert articles from global professionals. Additionally, the organization will launch "Experiencing Public Relations: 12 Women. 12 Countries," the second edition of their book showcasing the perspectives of 12 Nigerian women practicing in 12 countries globally. These publications contribute to the global body of knowledge in the public relations industry, offering a credible platform for professionals to showcase their capacity, competence, and relevance among their global peers.

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