BrandArena: LG Electronics Displays New XBOOM, Soundbar at Korean National Day & Cultural Festival in Abuja

Monday 4 December 2023

LG Electronics Displays New XBOOM, Soundbar at Korean National Day & Cultural Festival in Abuja

...Amidst the pomp and grandeur, LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, InstaView Refrigerator stands out

LG Electronics, a South Korean electronics firm, exhibited the finest of their inventive product selection on Monday, honouring the Korean Republic's National Day.

The 2022 Korean National Day was graced by many guests including members of the diplomatic community, heads of organizations and top Nigeria government functionaries in attendance including the Governor of Bayelsa State, Sen. Douye Diri and Deputy Governor of Katsina State, Mannir Yakubu, among others at the Congress Hall of Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.

While delivering his welcome address, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Nigeria Amb. Kim Young Chae said, it is the first time in the last three years the Embassy would host the national day reception physically. “The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of the tremendous value of get-togethers. This is one of the reasons why we prepared today’s event with our friends and partners.’’

According to Young Chae, bilateral trade is expected to reach over 2 billion dollars with a 20% increase this year. About 20 Korean companies are currently active in Nigeria.

At the event, LG showcased their innovative contributions to Electronic Technology, among Consumer Electronics products. In the Home Entertainment zone, LG showcased its 88’’state-of-the-art OLED TVs – 8K Signature, its 55’’ new QNED MiniLED TV, 65’’ A1 OLED TV, and in the Audio Category, the premium SP9A Soundbar, Blast Horn CK99 XBOOM and the mood lighting RP4 XBOOM 360.

The Home and Appliances zone comprises of InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, Air Conditioners – Dualcool Premium, Gencool & Artcool AC, Washing Machine and Dryer, Dishwasher and Styler.

Since the High points of the event included dance and musical performances by C-Fly and P Brain dance team, Shyne Band, and the Korean-based musical Group, Oneul, the LG Team highlighted the importance of the products displayed with attention to the Audio products.

The XBOOM 360 RP4 - Omnidirectional 360˚ Sound Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mood Lighting is a stunning piece of audio engineering that will change the way you experience sound. Wherever you place the speaker, LG's sound technology combined with a conical body shape fills your entire space with natural and consistently high-quality, omnidirectional audio. Whether you need to relax, meditate of party, there's a lighting mode to suit your mood. XBOOM 360 lighting - inspired by everyday life, festivals, and nature - is designed to reflect the passage of time while creating the right ambience for every moment. 

Each lighting mode finely adjusts colours, illuminance, and colour temperature to provide audio-visual immersion in harmony with your listening environment. This isn't just a speaker, it's a beautiful addition to your home. XBOOM 360 is designed to add warmth and sophistication to your space. Its conical shape brings an air of stability, while stylish colours add aesthetic beauty that blends harmoniously with a variety of interiors and living situations

With the Roof Razing 5000W, you pump up your audio experience with clear and impactful booming beats. Have a blast at parties of any size with the LG XBOOM CK99's booming sound. Boost your party with the new Rear Lighting Show - the Multi Color lighting moves according to the beat of your music as the Rear Lighting fills the entire wall with vivid colours. Do you want to feel a DJ-like experience? With the CK99, you become a DJ with Pro DJ features. Turn the jog wheel for scratching and add other various sound effects as well as looping specific parts of the track by simply pushing a button. With several great features in the LG XBOOM CK99 -the Crossfader makes your mixing perfect. By simply moving a level, it makes a smooth transition between two audio files. You can also control and sync the tempo of 2 tracks, with the Party Accelerator controller, simply slide the throttle forward to experience the party build-up with booming systems and crazy lighting. The Dual USB with DJ Sharing allows you to play and mix from two different USB drives. With the DJ Sharing feature, you can easily send mixed party tracks to your phone. With TV Sound Sync, you enjoy your favourite TV drama, sports, or movie with powerful sound. No wires are necessary to link this product to your compatible LG TV. You can also easily control the volume with the TV remote.

LG SP9A 5.1.2 Channel 520W Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and Hi-res Audio (24 bit/192kHz) produces more accurate sound reproduction so you hear everything as you’re supposed to. It is the complete package with powerful and immersive audio for an upgraded surround sound experience. LG Soundbar SP9A comes with its own proprietary sound modes that you won’t find on other soundbars. They have been specifically developed by LG for voices, gaming, and sports – so sound will be at its best, whether you love to watch or play. The matching designs of LG Soundbars and LG TVs are made to complement your home as well as each other. Every design element has been carefully considered so that they become a part of your interior and add style to your space. To make the most of features that have been developed for ultimate compatibility, you can control the soundbar’s power, volume, and even sound modes with only an LG TV remote — that’s convenience turned up to max.

Dolby Atmos Music allows sounds to be precisely placed, transforming your listening experience by adding dimensionality for a fuller audio atmosphere. This greater sense of space and depth allows you to listen to your favourite music in a whole new way. You'll discover hidden details with unparalleled clarity, and hear every emotion just as the artist intended.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Korean National Day, Mr. Daesun Hwang, the General Manager, Home Entertainment Audio Visual Division remarked: “What LG brings is the best of the Korean high-tech creations to improve the life of the Nigerian people. On this national celebration, we are stressing our vision as a flagship leader in this industry, showing our utmost goodwill to work with Nigerians and strengthen ties between our brand and the local communities, through presenting world-class technologies that positively transform lives.”

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