BrandArena: Nigerian Government partners with Raspberry Pi Foundation to launch Code Clubs across the country

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Nigerian Government partners with Raspberry Pi Foundation to launch Code Clubs across the country

The Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy of Nigeria has announced a partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to address the digital literacy and innovation knowledge gap among children aged 7 to 17. The partnership seeks to develop a series of Code Clubs across Nigeria as an effort towards fostering a new generation of tech-savvy youths in the country. 

Code Clubs are intended to serve as an extracurricular gathering place for young minds to learn the fundamentals and complexity of coding. The clubs serve as a springboard for students to explore the fields of digital technology and coding, thereby improving their creative problem-solving skills which they can apply to everyday scenarios.

The programme will flag off with 17 knowledge exchange centres and is expected to eventually spread across Nigeria's six geographical zones. 

Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani, the Honorable Minister of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy, expressed his vision of creating a “knowledge pipeline” through the integration of these young and impressionable minds into the global network of free coding clubs. The ministry’s strategic approach is aligned with the broader objective of catalyzing Nigeria’s digital economy via the cultivation of technical knowledge and talent.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, known for its affordable and accessible computing resources, is set to contribute comprehensive toolkits, educational support, and guidelines, not just for young participants but also for educators. The Ministry, on the other hand, will play a pivotal role in facilitating the establishment and operational aspects of these Code Clubs utilizing a partnership model. Collaborators ranging from individuals, and educational bodies to organizations with a keen interest in advancing computing education will gain access to support and resources.

Philip Colligan, the CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, shared his enthusiasm for the venture, highlighting the importance of inspiring the next generation of digital creators. He underscored the value of Code Clubs in providing young Nigerians the opportunity to engage creatively with technology and unlock a realm of possibilities.

Colligan noted that the curriculum for the clubs will be extensive, covering topics such as coding principles, game and web development, programming languages, algorithms, robotics, electronics, and project-based learning. This methodical approach ensures a well-rounded and complete foundation in digital abilities.

This collaboration is a significant and forward-thinking step, paving the way for Nigeria's youth to prosper in a future dominated by digital and technology breakthroughs. Nigeria takes a huge step forward in equipping its younger generation with the skills required for success in the fast expanding global digital world with this programme.

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