BrandArena: McEnies CEO, Omolaraeni Conferred With Honorary Doctoral Degree, Excellence Business Leader Award

Monday 13 November 2023

McEnies CEO, Omolaraeni Conferred With Honorary Doctoral Degree, Excellence Business Leader Award

The CEO of McEnies Global Communications, Omolaraeni Olaosebikan has been awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Strategic Leadership and Business Management by MGIBES, a prestigious business and management college in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with HonorCrest Institute in Canada and Theophany University in Hait, North America.

Omolaraeni was also named one of the Global Excellent Business Leaders in Africa (GEBLA) by the Board of MGibes College of Business and Management in the field of Leadership and Strategic Management.

This newest milestone for McEnies boss is a two-in-one award, having been identified by the organizers as a worthy recipient with proven track records of distinction in her chosen career.

The auspicious event took place on Saturday, November 11, 2023, at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos amidst dignitaries from all walks of life.

According to the institution the award forms part of its vision to recognize well-performing business leaders and corporate professionals in Nigeria and Africa, noting that the choice of Omolaraeni as one of the awardees was very well thought out and in tandem with the institution's policy thrust.

Speaking at the event the President, Dr. Adegoke Kojo Michael disclosed that MGCBM has designed this 2-in-1 degree as an image title, as it establishes the recipient as a symbol of high status, merits and recognition of her professional achievements in her years of service.

The President further noted that the primary candidates distinguished for this award are individual business leaders within the private sector (CEOs, Senior-Level Managers and Business Owners).

 "It would interest you to note that your nomination comes from our alumni network which is then screened by the Partner University Bodies from Haiti (Theophany University), Canada (HonorCrest Institute) and Mexico in partnership with M-Gibes College of Business and Management, UK.” Dr. Kojo noted.

Reacting to the award as a recipient, the integrated marketing communication guru was deeply elated to be honoured by these Institutions, which she described as prestigious institutions she strongly hold in high esteem.

In her acceptance speech, Omolaraeni thanked the University for the honour noting that the recognition would further drive her to do more to help businesses thrive in the overall national development. 

“Receiving an honorary doctorate is an extraordinary privilege that I accept with great joy and humility. I am truly proud to be associated with these great institutions and I sincerely and specially thank College of business and management in the UK MGIBES, in partnership with HonorCrest Institute, Canada and Theophany University, Haiti, North America, for adding value to my contribution through the conferment of this honorary degree and award.

Continuing, Omolaraeni stated: "This latest feat will make me redouble my efforts in strategic management, especially in reviewing and determining client's strengths, weaknesses, operational effectiveness and opportunities.

"It will equally spur me not to renege in making informed and flawless recommendations based on internal and external factors to minimize risks and formulate plans to achieve the client's short-term and long-term goals.

"Together with my team we will not rest on our oars in driving effective integrated marketing communications prowess which is essentially our turf, we shall also reignite our zest in employing vibrant and forward-thinking youths to accelerate the growth of the company through international best practices to accentuate cutting-edge skills for capacity building, optimal output and efficiency.

"We would also boost our ingenious energy in creating communications that inform, educate, persuade, remind customers of a need they have, reassure and differentiate one product or brand from another to suit their preference and ultimately deliver messaging that will be profitable and productive to our clients. What also interests me more is that the Doctorate giving out these awards is in the field of Leadership and Strategic Management. For me, this is a plus." Omolaraeni said.

One of the high-profile guests at the event, Dr. Taiwo Ogunmilade, on his part also gave an inspiring speech on the need to seek strategic leaders across all sectors of the nation. He spoke extensively on the current situation in Nigeria and called for Nigerians to be deliberate when they are choosing their leaders.

“These people in positions of authority must have qualities that are important to leading the nation or business excellently well. Amongst the qualities are foresight, passion, empathy, understanding, compassion, intelligence, integrity, tenacity of purpose and team spirit” he said.

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