BrandArena: Emirates introduces new wildlife amenity kits emphasizing endangered species

Saturday 14 October 2023

Emirates introduces new wildlife amenity kits emphasizing endangered species

Emirates Premium Economy and Economy Class travellers on long-haul flights around the world will soon receive new complimentary amenity packages. The amenity kits were created in collaboration with United for Wildlife to highlight eight of the world's most endangered species.

The conservation of wildlife and habitats is a key component of the Emirates Environmental Sustainability Framework. Emirates' long-standing cooperation with United for Wildlife, as well as its dedication to raising awareness about endangered species and preventing the illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife goods, will be highlighted in the new amenity kit line. The animals depicted on the kit pouches and bookmarks are among the most trafficked in the world, including the green sea turtle and the African elephant.

United for Wildlife has shared some impactful statistics which highlight the magnitude of the issue, such as that globally 100 elephants are poached every day, meaning that at current poaching rates elephants could be extinct in the wild by 2025. There are now only 30,000 rhinos left in the wild compared to the 500,000 that existed at the beginning of the 20th century, meanwhile, pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world.

David Fein, Co-Chair of United for Wildlife, said: "The illegal wildlife trade is international organised crime that is driving many iconic species around the world towards extinction at an alarming rate. Airlines and other transport operators have a huge role to play in disrupting the traffickers’ supply chains. Emirates have consistently demonstrated leadership and commitment in tackling this global threat. We are delighted to see the new amenity kits from Emirates now onboard and hope that passengers find them informative and inspiring."

Emirates is actively involved in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking and exploitation and is a member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce. Emirates has zero tolerance towards the illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products and its freight arm, Emirates SkyCargo, has implemented a complete ban on hunting trophies of elephants, rhinoceros, lions and tigers. In June 2023, Emirates reinforced its commitment to environmentally responsible practices by achieving IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) Stage One and the IEnvA Illegal Wildlife Trade module certifications.

The new Emirates wildlife amenity kit pouches are reusable and made from washable kraft paper with bespoke art of the animals printed in non-toxic soy-based ink. The contents include a selection of durable travel essentials made from materials that reduce the use of virgin plastic. The toothbrush is made from a combination of wheat straw and plastic, and the socks and eyeshades are made from recycled plastic, in this case, rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). Emirates is also phasing earplugs back into the amenity kits at the end of the year – due to popular requests from customers.

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