BrandArena: Capital Film Productions introduces $50 million investment to support development of African talents

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Capital Film Productions introduces $50 million investment to support development of African talents

Capital Film Productions (CFP), a film investment firm, launched the Act-3 Film Fund, a $50 million fund dedicated to supporting the strong creative forces driving Africa's film industry, beginning with Nollywood.

Founded by Adim Isiakpona, a former Google employee, and Hamza Kassim, a business opportunity manager at Shell, CFP has a clear vision: to democratise film investment and provide financial backing to promising filmmakers, allowing them to produce top-tier cinematic works that shine a global spotlight on Africa's thriving film industry.

Capital Film Productions has been actively involved in fostering filmmakers and contributing behind the scenes to the success of several explosive Nollywood films over the last three years. CFP has invested in and backed hit films like as 'Brotherhood' and 'Gangs of Lagos.'

During this time, CFP also increased its investment to help with the development of new projects such as 'The Party,' 'Ada - Omo Daddy,' 'The Other Side of the Bridge,' and four more. The overall investment is around USD 800,000, with the expectation of significant double-digit returns at the end of the fund's lifespan.

These accomplishments are made possible by a group of Nigerian investors who have come together over time, highlighting the company's investment strategy and unwavering commitment to developing African narrative talent.

“For us, Capital Film Productions represents a realisation of a dream. It began as a humble concept with ‘Our First Act,’ involving personal finances to support film endeavours, evolving into a ‘Second Act,’ where we managed Liquidity Provider’s funds. Through these experiences, we’ve witnessed firsthand how access to adequate funding and support can elevate the entire filmmaking process and, potentially, the industry as a whole.

Our ‘Third Act’ is well underway, with plans to raise approximately USD 550,000 exclusively for funding six films in 2024. Ultimately, our objective is to serve as the bridge connecting investors and storytellers, facilitating the creation of truly exceptional and profitable films,” commented Adim Isiakpona, Co-founder and CEO of Capital Film Productions.

According to CFP, its aim is to progressively develop a $50 million fund over the next five years while carefully working with African filmmakers to finance film projects on the continent.

The corporation has taken a cautious approach to establishing and managing the fund, adopting a multi-year plan for selecting filmmakers and calculating funding amounts for specific projects.

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