BrandArena: WhatsApp Working to Enable Cross-Platform Messaging

Tuesday 12 September 2023

WhatsApp Working to Enable Cross-Platform Messaging

WhatsApp is attempting to make cross-platform chatting possible to comply with the EU's newly passed Digital Markets Act (DMA).

WhatsApp's Android beta version reported by WABetaInfo included a feature dubbed "Third-party chats." This development followed confirmation by the European Commission that Meta, the owner of the instant messaging network, is a "gatekeeper" under the EU's Digital Markets Act.

DMA mandates that communication platforms such as WhatsApp implement "chat interoperability" or "messaging compatibility" by March 2024, allowing users to communicate across messaging apps. The "Third-party chats" feature, while now inactive, hints that Meta's encrypted messaging software may be expanded for cross-platform interoperability.

By promoting collaboration among messaging apps and providing users with more freedom and choice, the DMA hopes to ensure that big IT corporations maintain their digital services open to everyone.

In response to the DMA, Meta and Microsoft are establishing mobile app shops, and the European Commission is evaluating Apple's iMessage and Microsoft's services for compliance.

Google, which has also been designated as one of the six gatekeepers by the EU, is aggressively working to improve interoperability among its messaging apps. Google Messages has revealed its plan to include the Messaging Layer Security (MLS) protocol into the programme. This approach has the potential to create cross-platform end-to-end encryption, allowing for safe communication across multiple major messaging systems.

WhatsApp's foray into cross-platform messaging provides benefits such as greater user experience, convenience, increased productivity for corporate users, and data backup and synchronisation. It is regarded as a strategic move in order to remain competitive in the messaging app market and to provide consumers with a more connected digital experience.

WhatsApp has been releasing new product updates at a rapid pace. These improvements include screen sharing during video calls, the ability to share short films, increased security features, and a useful chat lock mechanism. Mark Zuckerberg recently disclosed that WhatsApp is in the process of introducing HD photo sharing, with HD video sharing to follow soon.

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