BrandArena: Meet the Top 10 Finalists of 2023 Energy Investment Village

Friday 15 September 2023

Meet the Top 10 Finalists of 2023 Energy Investment Village

Africa’s boldest and most ambitious cleantech start-ups will participate in the Energy Investment Village, a riveting deal-pitching event at the Green Energy Africa Summit, which will be hosted on 10-11 October at the CTICC2 in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Green Energy Africa Summit (GEAS), with the theme "Unlocking Africa's Sustainable Energy Potential," will provide unparalleled opportunities for the continent's leaders in energy, finance, and social development to meet with international investors in order to find sustainable solutions to Africa's energy needs and a just transition to a green economy over the course of its two-day programme.

This highly anticipated event advocates for the harmonisation of Africa's natural resources, as well as policy reforms, to help usher in an energy transition that ensures the continent remains competitive and attractive to global finance. With over 1000 delegates from 67 countries, GEAS invites both public and private stakeholders across the energy value chain to collaborate, offer solutions, and build partnerships to help unlock Africa's true socioeconomic potential.

GEAS recently welcomed its strategic industry partners, including The Banking Association of South Africa and The African Forum for Utility Regulators. This year’s agenda features a strong mix of discussions within dedicated content streams, from the Energy Strategy Forum on day one, to the Green Energy and Green Finance Forums on day two. Attendees can look forward to country and regional spotlights on South Africa and West Africa, as well as sessions led by finance and energy heavyweights. 

The Energy Investment Village (EIV) is the GEAS’s Lion’s Den-style pitching event for cleantech companies, which will be held on 11 October. The finalists will be given an extraordinary opportunity to gain exposure, network with potential clients, and receive vital market validation. Most importantly, they will be given the chance to pitch for funding from international investors.

“Africa’s traditional, fossil-fuel-based energy cannot keep pace with its swift development. While the continent’s abundance of natural resources can enable clean energy innovations, constraints like access to finance impedes the opportunities for local clean-tech innovators. Events such as the EIV open up direct pathways to decision-makers and funders, and are a critical enabler of the clean-tech ecosystem,” says RIIS CEO Davis Cook.

In partnership with Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus, RIIS, and Anza Capital, and supported by Africa Scotland, JSE, Oceanhub-Africa, Savant, Firecracker, CHIETA, and SASOL, the EIV is delighted to introduce the outstanding finalists that have been selected to present their projects, which aim to revolutionise the energy landscape and promote sustainable development in Africa:
  • Therm Development: Pioneers in sustainable heating solutions, utilising innovative technologies for efficient energy consumption.
  • AET Africa: Visionaries in renewable energy systems, specialising in solar and wind power generation across the African continent.
  • Ceneco Green Power Limited: Experts in developing and operating environmentally friendly power plants, focused on reducing carbon emissions.
  • Energy Cubes: Innovators in energy storage, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions for optimising power distribution.
  • Powerstove Energy: Trailblazers in clean cooking solutions, providing efficient and clean-burning stoves for households and communities
  • Revive Earth Limited: Leaders in waste-to-energy conversion, turning organic waste into renewable resources while mitigating environmental impact.
  • Green Share Virtual Power Plant: Pioneers of a decentralised energy management system, enabling communities to generate, store, and share renewable energy.
  • Thinkbikes: Innovators in sustainable urban transportation, designing and manufacturing electric bicycles for eco-conscious commuters.
  • FLX EV: Visionaries in electric mobility, offering cutting-edge electric vehicles with a focus on performance, affordability, and sustainability.
  • Impact Free Water: Experts in water treatment technologies, providing sustainable solutions for clean and accessible water in resource-challenged regions.
Don’t miss out on the chance to engage with these visionary entrepreneurs and experts, as they demonstrate how their projects will address the energy challenges across Africa. From scalable solutions for rural communities, to innovative grid technologies, these finalists promise to inspire, educate, and shape a greener future for the continent.

Organised by Hyve Group Plc., the Green Energy Africa Summit is where the world connects with the African Energy sector. Register to attend here Attend the Green Energy Africa Summit to be part of the solution and connect with industry leaders, charting the way towards a sustainable clean energy transition for Africa.

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