BrandArena: Alyssa Henry takes a bow as CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey steps in

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Alyssa Henry takes a bow as CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey steps in

As current CEO Alyssa Henry prepares to step down, Square, a financial services platform established by Block, Inc., has turned to Block Head Jack Dorsey to take the reins at the company.

Alyssa Henry will leave her position on Oct. 2 after nine years, according to a regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to the filing, Dorsey, who co-founded fintech business Block in 2009 and presently serves as Block Head and Chairperson, will take over Henry's role as Square CEO but will be referred to as "Square Head." Dorsey is now professionally and legally known as Block Head and Square Head.

Alyssa Henry is leaving Square after nearly ten years with the company.

As CEO of Square, Alyssa Henry oversaw the company's transformation into a software-led technology company, led the team through the uncertainties of global pandemic lockdowns, and increased our breadth of services for small businesses worldwide. Alyssa's leadership has helped shape Square into what it is today, and we wish her the best in her future endeavours.

Square, Block's payment services division, assists small and large businesses with online and point-of-sale payments, wage, scheduling, and inventory management, and other finance solutions — you may have paid for your coffee by tapping a Square device, unless it was a competitor like Apple. 

Square renamed itself Block in 2021 after recognising that "the Square name has become synonymous with the company's Seller business."

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