BrandArena: Telegram Stories no longer limited to only paid subscribers

Friday 18 August 2023

Telegram Stories no longer limited to only paid subscribers

Telegram has made its Stories feature available to all users, following its initial release to Premium subscribers last month. They show as expandable bubbles above your conversation, similar to Facebook Messenger's Stories. Telegram's approach, on the other hand, is more customisable, with granular control over who sees posted posts and for how long.

"Now, when you meet people on Telegram, you'll see exciting snapshots of their life — not just a few profile photos," the firm said in a blog post.

Telegram describes Stories, which debuted in conjunction with the messaging service's tenth anniversary, as "by far the most-requested feature" in the company's decade-long history. Its privacy settings provide options for visibility for everyone, all contacts, chosen contacts, or close pals.

Marketing screenshot of Telegram Stories privacy controls. The screen of a phone shows visibility options (everyone, contacts, close friends, or selected contacts). It also offers toggles for whether screenshots are permitted and if they are posted to your page. 

Telegram Stories also allow you to hide your posts from contacts you don't want to view them, and Premium users can choose between six, 12, 24, and 48 hours of visibility for new posts. In addition, post creators can see a list of the Telegram users who viewed their content.

It also supports a BeReal-like dual-camera mode, letting you simultaneously share photos or videos captured by your phone’s front and rear sensors. The feature also includes reactions, so viewers can add a heart or choose from “hundreds” of other responses to posts.

Some of the more advanced options in Stories are only available to Premium subscribers ($5 per month). Most importantly, paid users' posts appear first, giving them greater exposure. Subscribers can also read other people's stories in stealth mode, removing any signs of their visit from the author's record.

Subscribers also get the previously stated unique expiration choices, a permanent view history (see who saw your posts even after they expire), the ability to save Stories to the gallery, "10 times longer" captions, and a larger daily Story allowance (up to 100).

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