BrandArena: MultiChoice Africa discontinues DStv services in Malawi

Thursday, 10 August 2023

MultiChoice Africa discontinues DStv services in Malawi

Following a pricing dispute with Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), MultiChoice Africa Holdings (MAH) has stopped DStv services in Malawi.

MultiChoice raised DStv pricing last month, but MACRA secured an injunction against the increase, and MultiChoice Malawi (MCM) obtained a stay to allow it to comply with the ruling.

The firm said that because it does not provide DStv services, which are provided by MultiChoice Africa Holdings, MCM could not adequately comply with the injunction. The High Court upheld the MACRA injunction yesterday.

In response, MultiChoice has withdrawn DStv services, and a portion of Multichoice Africa's statement reads:

MCM does not offer the DStv service to the public and therefore cannot set or adjust tariffs for this service, a point repeatedly made to MACRA.

As a result, the order handed down to MCM is incapable of being implemented by them but carries with it grave consequences for the directors and management of Multichoice Malawi, including imprisonment.

Given the impact on its supplier MCM and an increasingly adverse regulatory environment, (MAH) is therefore left with no choice but to terminate the DStv service indefinitely.

MultiChoice requested customers in Malawi to immediately halt payments for DStv services. From Wednesday, 9 August 2023, no new subscriptions or reconnections will be accepted

Those who have already paid their latest subscription can continue to use the service until the current 30-day viewing cycle ends on or before 10 September 2023.

MultiChoice appreciated Malawian customers for their long-term support, and MCM for its professional conduct in offering services to the larger company during the same period.

Meanwhile, MACRA, through Director General Daud Suleman, stated in a statement that it expects MCM to follow the court order as soon as possible since anyone who disobeys the court order may face contempt of court charges.

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