BrandArena: Harry Kane Signs Lifetime Global Deal With Skechers

Friday, 18 August 2023

Harry Kane Signs Lifetime Global Deal With Skechers

With his blockbuster move to FC Bayern Munich, global superstar striker Harry Kane completes a trifecta of career upheavals. A new beginning, a new squad, and, most importantly, a new pair of Skechers Football boots, the SKX_01. Throughout the preseason and on his debut with Bayern Munich on Saturday, he was observed wearing a masked version of the boots. Kane, one of the world's most recognisable athletes, has embarked on a long-term partnership with Skechers that goes beyond the field. 

He will be at the vanguard of the performance brand's debut football boots, which will be released in the UK and Europe in September, and will act as a brand ambassador in a multiplatform marketing campaign.

“It’s definitely a time of transition in my career and I’m thrilled to announce my signing with Skechers just as I’m making a big move”

“It’s definitely a time of transition in my career and I’m thrilled to announce my signing with Skechers just as I’m making a big move,” said Harry Kane who will be wearing the unmasked version of the SKX_01 boot for the first time in the match tomorrow. “Ever since meeting the design team and seeing the boots for the first time, I felt confident that Skechers was onto something special. I’ve been wearing the boots for weeks, scoring in them in pre-season. They’re unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Own it, own who you are. Own what you want to achieve. And that’s what I feel like I’ve done throughout my whole career. They’re the main messages I think my partnership with Skechers sends to people in general all around the world. I wouldn’t back a brand or gear if I didn’t 100% believe in it. This is the real deal.”

“We’ve been developing Skechers Football boots for some time and as we perfected the design, we enlisted players to test them and offer feedback—including one of the best on the pitch, the great Harry Kane,” added Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers. “Harry had the entire football world following his every move over the last few weeks and his determination, skill, and leadership align perfectly with our plans for the sport. He already feels like part of the Skechers family. This first boot is just the beginning with more innovative Skechers Football boots featuring our signature comfort and performance technologies on the way.”

Skechers Football enters the game with the launch of the SKX_01 as worn by Harry Kane. It is the epitome of modern football footwear designed with the insight of professional players who desire precise control on the ball. Featuring a custom-designed last meticulously crafted to optimize fit and comfort, this unique boot ensures that every player experiences the perfect fit for enhancing overall control and touch on the field.

Regarded as one of the best strikers in the world, Harry Kane is captain of the England national team where he holds the all-time goals record. In the English Premier League—most notably through his tenure on Tottenham Hotspur F.C.—he currently ranks second on the league’s all-time list for goals scored at 213. Kane was named England Player of the Year twice and has earned the Premiere League Golden Boot three times as well the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot in 2018. Last week he transferred to FC Bayern Munich, with his first game for the Bundesliga set for tomorrow, 18 August.

Skechers Football launches in early September at and, as well as at select Skechers retail stores and select specialty football retailers in the UK and across Europe. Football fans can get behind-the-scenes access to Skechers Football product launches and more by following @skechersfootball on Instagram and TikTok.

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