BrandArena: Egbin Power showcases sustainability impact in second edition of Gree'n'lectric

Tuesday 8 August 2023

Egbin Power showcases sustainability impact in second edition of Gree'n'lectric

Entrenching sustainability as a front burner in business approach creates value for organizations, particularly when complemented with a clearly defined action plan, Egbin Power Plc, Nigeria’s largest power generation has emphasized.

The GenCo made this known while announcing the release of the second edition of Gree'n'lectric, an e-zine dedicated to promoting clean energy and environmental responsibility in the continent's power sector.

According to the GenCo, decisive action plan and concerted efforts are being taken by world leaders, governments, and committed organizations such as Egbin Power Plc, in formulating policies and incorporating sustainability initiatives into their business approach, which the e-zine captures.

Speaking on the publication, Egbin Power CEO, Mokhtar Bounour said: “Gree'n'lectric e-zine serves as reference point for us to continuously stimulate sustainable initiatives in our operations, because the Sahara family is a forward-thinking group of organizations that align with the global agenda for sustainability.”

According to him, “At Egbin, we think globally and act locally. That is why our sustainability roadmap is well-defined, while we complement it with deliberate action plans. We are committed to treating the environment with utmost care, knowing well that every activity we engage in - either as individuals or collectively as an organisation - has an impact on the ecosystem.

“As we work to bring energy to life responsibly, we remain committed to our stakeholders to keep providing electricity that drives socio-economic development and preserving the environment for posterity,” he noted.

“The Gree'n'lectric e-zine is an extension of this commitment, showcasing the group's continuous dedication to implementing green initiatives that pave the way for a cleaner and greener future," said Ejiro Gray, Director, Governance and Sustainability at Sahara Group.

“The Gree'n'lectric e-zine also features Egbin Power's nature conservation project in collaboration with the Nigerian Conservation Fund (NCF). Covering an expanse of at least 10 hectares, the project aims to foster regeneration, recovery, and remediation for enhanced carbon absorption and sustainable ecological balance," Gray stated.

Gray said the e-zine also features in-depth insight into recent sustainability projects across SPG's entities, technological advancements, and collaborative efforts with stakeholders, all aimed at creating a positive and lasting impact on the environment. 

Gree'n'lectric e-zine, a 100% digital publication, serves as a compendium of SPG's remarkable sustainability milestones in the power sector. The publication made its debut on June 24, 2022, enabling stakeholders across the globe to learn about SPG's sustainability journey, and possibly foster more collaborative efforts towards realizing the quest of reducing carbon footprint in the power sector. 

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