BrandArena: Canon Central and North Africa Opens Its First Call Centre in Egypt to Improve Customer Experience

Thursday, 10 August 2023

Canon Central and North Africa Opens Its First Call Centre in Egypt to Improve Customer Experience

Canon Central and North Africa have
announced the opening of a 'Canon Contact Centre' in Egypt, which will open today August 10, 2023. The centre is the first of its kind for Canon Central and North Africa, and it coincides with the company's 'Closer to Customer' strategy, which aims to deepen and improve interactions with customers and partners by making it simpler to access information about Canon's brand, products, services, and channels.

Canon Contact Centre will elevate the overall customer experience by fostering seamless and efficient interactions, while also surpassing their expectations and fulfilling their demands. Serving as a seamless hub of information exchange, this centre ensures patrons receive enhanced reliability through adept and experienced representatives. Moreover, customers can expect swift query resolutions, thanks to the expert training that enables representatives to promptly identify and address their needs.

The feedback received from the Contact Centre will be diligently and effectively addressed, ensuring an enhanced product and service offering for our valued customers.

Embarking on a visionary journey, Canon sets forth with its one-of-a-kind Contact Centre in Egypt, resolutely echoing its ‘Closer to Customer’ strategy while paving the way for local talent’s growth. “This ground-breaking initiative eliminates any barriers that might distance the company from its valued customers,” says Somesh Adukia, Managing Director of Canon Central and North Africa. “This unprecedented endeavour offers a perfect combination of opportunities for both Canon’s existing network and the aspiring young population seeking employment in Egypt, setting it apart from any other African country.  The pride in starting this venture in Egypt is immeasurable. Positioned as the kingpin of communication, the Contact Centre promises the pinnacle of customer experience forging an unprecedented bond between Canon and its customers.”

"We find ourselves at a monumental juncture in our journey, as this project's inception signifies a transformative milestone. Our resolute commitment is to deliver unparalleled experiences and unwavering support to every individual who chooses to partake in this expedition with us. The cutting-edge contact center redefines customer interaction, seamlessly weaving efficiency into every engagement and facilitating effortless access to a comprehensive repository of information spanning Canon's diverse products, services, and channels. Anchored by the principles of sustainability and social responsibility, this initiative not only promises to usher in new dimensions of employment opportunities but also to nurture the skills of successful candidates. As we embark on this endeavour, our dedication remains steadfast—to craft a future in which excellence is fused with empowerment” says, Tushar Vaishnavi, Strategic Planning Director, Canon Central & North Africa

The Canon Contact Centre is a testament to Canon’s commitment to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. In launching this initiative, Canon solidifies its position as a leader in customer-centric solutions, fostering stronger connections with its valued customers.

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