BrandArena: Twitter to take on LinkedIn with job posting feature

Friday 21 July 2023

Twitter to take on LinkedIn with job posting feature

Twitter is reportedly working on a job posting function that would allow recognised organisations to publish job postings on their profiles in order to compete with the professional social networking platform, LinkedIn.

Twitter has created an account called '@TwitterHiring' on its own platform, although it has yet to post anything. 

According to app researcher Nima Owji, the functionality will allow verified organisations to import all of their positions to Twitter by linking a supported Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or XML feed.

The feature, dubbed "Twitter Hiring," is billed as a free tool for verified organisations to post jobs on their corporate pages in order to attract top talent to available positions. Each recognised organisation is allowed to include up to five job openings on their page.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, alluded to this feature in May when he reacted to a request for a dating app named 'Twinder' with the words, "Interesting idea, maybe jobs too."

Nima Owji, an App Researcher and Web Developer, also attempted to clarify the integration process by sharing a screenshot from Twitter Hiring. According to the screenshot, users can link a supported ATS or XML feed to add job posts, which would subsequently display on their Twitter profile within minutes.

This integration is currently only available to Verified Organisations. Without any technical knowledge, organisations can readily advertise positions on LinkedIn. For my job ad to appear on Twitter, I must be a member of the platform's Verified Organisations Subscription Programme, and I must remember that recruiting for talent is a choice over which I have complete authority.

LinkedIn currently has approximately 52 million job seekers as users. If Twitter decides to enter the recruiting platform industry, it may potentially enhance income and user engagement by tapping into its large pool of 372.9 million users (Note: not Job seekers). However, I don't see this as a direct threat to LinkedIn, which is already a well-established networking tool for professionals.

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