BrandArena: Onafowote, others win Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Awards

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Onafowote, others win Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Awards

Fatai Onafowote, Director General of the Lagos State Procurement Agency, has been selected to receive the 2023 Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Award, which will be held in Lagos on July 27 and 28, 2023.

Other top procurement and supply chain specialists from throughout Africa have also been nominated for the prestigious awards, which will be presented at the Oriental Hotel Lagos at the end of July 2023.

The previous four editions were held in Accra, Ghana, but the planners think that the fifth edition in Lagos will be the largest.

The Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Awards (APSCA 2023) is aimed to recognise the leading procurement experts, teams and top procurement & supply chain organizations has been held in Accra Ghana since its inception and has been largely graced by industry stakeholders, decision-makers and high-ranking government officials.

According to the Group CEO of InstinctWave, Mr. Akin Naphtal,  “The Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Awards in the last five years has received massive support from Industry stakeholders and decision-makers in Ghana, - The Public Procurement Authority, the professional bodies for the industry such as GIPS, CISM and CIPS Ghana and others.”

Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Award

“This has helped raise the standards of the profession, without robust procurement and supply chain strategies, it would be impossible for most business operations to function. Our mission is to lift the veil on the Procurement & Supply chain in Africa as a whole. This Is why we are moving it to Nigeria,” he added.  

Naphtal said, “Procurement & supply Chain is an indispensable business catalyst that has evolved at a rapid pace over the last few decades and Africa, must be at the centre of Global Procurement and Supply Chain. Procurement management has a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line and strategic business operations hence their outstanding contributions to the industry must not go unnoticed.”

‘APSCA 2023 will recognise   leading procurement experts, teams and top procurement & supply chain organizations, whose outstanding leadership and practices have raised the standards of the profession, showcasing top ethics, best practices, tact and brilliance in managing organizations’ supplies as well as promoting business growth and sustainability in Africa.’

In its fifth year, the Africa Procurement & Supply Chain Awards (APSCA 2023) will also feature the Africa Supply Chain Live Summit themed “Shaping the future of procurement, supply chain and logistics”. This summit will provide an opportunity to benchmark strategies and define the best way to thrive in the current and uncertain market. It will also highlight the importance of local content development, sustainability, talent development, e-procurement and more.

The summit will bring together thought-provoking speakers, inspiring leaders and stakeholders from all spheres of the procurement industry who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation to discuss the future ahead that will drive real impact in the sector.

Entries for the award’s night are open to all procurement & supply chain units that cut across all industries in the private and public sector space within Africa.

The Africa Procurement & Supply Chain Awards (APSCA) is guided by International Standards and are judged by an independent, free and fair panel.

The prestigious awards scheme is in collaboration with the Ghana Institute of Procurement & Supply, (GIPS) and other industry stakeholders.

APSCA 2023 promises to be an extraordinary one as it will provide an exceptional opportunity for stakeholders in the sector to network, entertain patrons, reinforce relationships with industry stakeholders and reward staff with exceptional performance.

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