BrandArena: Meta Now Enables Use an Avatar to Video Call in Real Time

Wednesday, 12 July 2023

Meta Now Enables Use an Avatar to Video Call in Real Time

Not camera-ready? No worries! 

Meta has developed a new solution for those who need to leave early for a meeting or who are simply not camera ready. Both Messenger and Instagram now allow you to video call with a Meta Avatar.

The function, which is available on Android and iOS, is marketed as "a third option between camera-off and camera-on" that allows users to feel present during a call. The avatar's movements will correlate to the user's own, but no physical features will be seen.

Meta's avatars have been steadily integrated into its numerous VR platforms and games. According to the corporation, over one billion avatars have been produced to date. While the majority of avatars are human, a handful have animal personas, which means you can interact with them.

Following The Verge‘s illustration, Meta’s concept only represents an expansion of its avatar system, which the company has been slowly developing as an integral part of its metaverse vision. You can just refer to it as the introduction of additional avatar possibilities rather than a new feature that assists you in becoming comfortable staying on a video conversation while unprepared. According to a Social Media Today study, Meta predicts that this approach will spark a new wave of interaction through strengthening ties between people and their virtual representations.

Along with expanding avatar options, the firm is introducing animated avatar stickers, which will allow users to express themselves through actions such as a thumbs-up or rolling on the floor laughing. According to Meta's official blog post, these animated stickers will be compatible with a variety of platforms, including Instagram and Facebook Stories and Reels, Facebook comments, and 1:1 messaging threads on Messenger and Instagram.

Furthermore, Meta aims to standardise the appearance of avatars across virtual reality (VR) and its suite of applications. By doing so, Meta aims to eliminate the uncanny resemblance to a “cake pop” and enhance realism. This standardised look not only offers users a more lifelike representation but also provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase their unique style. Meta envisions this as a way to entice users to explore and invest in virtual clothing options available in the company’s avatar store.

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