BrandArena: Fearless Energy Drink Captivates Fans with a Thrilling Contest and VIP Movie Experiences

Friday 21 July 2023

Fearless Energy Drink Captivates Fans with a Thrilling Contest and VIP Movie Experiences

The premium energy drink of Rite Foods Limited, Fearless ignited the 'Embrace the Thrill' passion of consumers through various board games, football, and video games of different types, with a climax dubbed 'The Fearless Challenge,' an ice bucket contest where three winners emerged on Saturday, 15th of July 2023.

During the competition, the contestants endured the icy test by having their legs dipped in ice for an impressive 30 minutes at a stretch. The three winners: Agbaje Ebenezer, Nelson Osamor, and Oluwaseun Afolabi Adeleye received a grand prize of a free one-year supply of Fearless energy drink. A lot of supplementary freebies and consolation prizes, including branded Fearless bags, face hats, caps, water bottles, and other merchandise, were also given to participants and cheering spectators.

The fun day started with Biker stunt at 6 pm, followed by games and giveaways at 10 pm, before they went in for the movie around 12 am. From 3 am to 5 am, the brand engaged the people with more games and music.

The attendees were also treated to an exclusive and fun-filled evening, enjoying the blockbuster movie "Mission Impossible (Dead Reckoning Part I)," showcasing Fearless Energy Drink's support for the entertainment industry. Throughout the event, Fearless Energy Drink organised other action-packed activities to further connect with its consumers.

The 'Fearless Mission Impossible Game Night' was done in anticipation of the brand's event 'Fearless Up All Night' coming up later in the year, which will be about celebrating one’s fearlessness and embracing the thrill. To stay updated on all the latest event details and announcements, consumers and fans should follow the brand on their social media pages: @fearlessng on Instagram, @Fearless Energy Drink on Facebook, and @fearlessng on Twitter.

Kanyinsola Sangowawa, Assistant Brand Manager of Fearless Energy Drink at Rite Foods Limited, spoke at the event, emphasising the drink’s ability to keep you awake and energised, seeing how it kept people’s energy levels soaring throughout the activity-packed event.

"Fearless Energy Drink is known for providing people with limitless energy at anytime, anywhere. It gives people the boost to truly embrace the thrill and do whatever they set their minds to. This event further proves that Fearless is the number one energy drink. Just one bottle is enough to keep you going for many hours" Sangowawa added.

She further added that the truly world-class energy drink brand would stop at nothing to see consumers excel in all they do and what matters to them."

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