BrandArena: BHM, Magna Carta issue report on public relations and communications

Monday 10 July 2023

BHM, Magna Carta issue report on public relations and communications

BHM Research and Intelligence (BR&I), in collaboration with Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants, has released the first edition of the Africa PR and Communications report, an examination of the practice of public relations and communications and its role in promoting sustainable development on the continent.

The APCR — a first-ever of its kind in Africa — represents an exclusive primer to understand the challenges and opportunities new realities present to practitioners, stakeholders and investors within Africa's PR & Communications industry, and the actionable approaches required to maximise the continent's widely documented growth potential using real data and professional insights.

"We are highly pleased to create yet another world-class funnel for the growth of PR and communications practice, this time in Africa. With interesting happenings across various sectors, there is not a better time for PR professionals to proudly wear the badge and understand our role in helping to drive the continent to a place we can all be proud of," says Ayeni Adekunle, BHM founder and APCR committee chair.

Adekunle adds, "This is the first step in rallying all practitioners and stakeholders on the continent to understand what is possible and actions to embark upon, but we must first acknowledge that no significant influence can be achieved without key data and information. We are enthused about the new insights provided in the APCR and how they'll shape PR and communication practice in Africa as we know it for the benefit of the continent and its one-billion-strong people."

Africa has been widely tipped for global dominance. The continent boasted six of the top ten fastest-growing economies in the world until Covid-19 pandemic disrupted economic growth rates globally. Yet, foreign direct investment is rebounding, rising from USD$40-billion in 2020 to USD$47-billion in 2021 and USD$83-billion in 2022.

And as a sign of its people strengths, projections indicate the continent would boast the largest workforce globally by 2040, a realisation that would significantly impact the pace of its economic growth.

It is a critical time to lay the groundwork for the continent's sustainable development. This is due to an expected GDP of usd$5.6 trillion in four years and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement predicted to lift 30 million people out of extreme poverty upon full implementation.

The PR and communications industry, as such, has a pivotal role to play in restoring the continent's reputation through informed, responsible and ethical practices.

The 2023 APCR is rich with verified facts, statistics and analysis of the multidimensional aspects of PR practice in Africa, including:
  • new and peculiar challenges
  • skill levels
  • digital technology tools
  • inclusivity and compensation, and
  • stakeholders and government interventions.
These insights will provide requisite guidance for building new practice models for practitioners to
excel in their fields, deliver value to stakeholders, and build trust with the African people.

Moliehi Molekoa, an adviser on the APCR Committee and the Managing Director of Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants, a pan-African reputation management consultancy, says "The time has come to immortalise the art of PR in Africa, harnessing the wealth of resources and opportunities at our disposal, while taking advantage of information, data and expert insights to unleash our extraordinary professional prowess."

"With Africa's resounding pursuit of growth and the bestowed recognition upon it, the APCR not only elevates the skill level and practice within the industry but also propels us into a position of influence, fortifying the continent's reputation and ultimately ushering prosperity for the African people," adds Molekoa. 

Femi Falodun, executive director at BHM and APCR committee adviser, says, "Africa is currently witnessing unprecedented global interest in its cultural, social, technological and economic activities. This brings up a great opportunity and challenge for communicators and 'image-makers' on the continent to deliver impactful work that will shape the way Africa is perceived, received and consumed around the world."

"The APCR serves as a first-of-its-kind source of credible local data and insights to aid strategic planning for marketing and communications industry stakeholders within and outside Africa," Falodun adds.

The report is compiled by BHM Research Intelligence (BR&I) in partnership with:
  • the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)
  • CIPR International
  • Association of Advertising Agencies Of Nigeria (AAAN)
  • Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA)
  • Africa Communications Week (ACW)
  • International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO)
  • Women In PR Ghana (WIPRG)
  • Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants, and
  • Wadds Inc.
The list of partner associations also includes:
  • African Public Relations Association (APRA)
  • Associaçã de Profissionais de Relaçoes Públicas de Moçambique (APRPM)
  • Global Mind Consulting
  • Nigerian Women in PR
  • Uganda Marketers Society
  • Rwanda Communications Network
  • Uganda Advertising Association
  • Central University Ghana
  • BHM UK
  • BHM
  • ID Africa, and
  • Plaqad.Inc.
Eniola Harrison, co-founder of Africa PR & Communications Week and APCR committee adviser, says, "It is an important time for the PR and communication industry to play a role in driving Africa towards sustainable growth, as the continent continues to evolve and present new opportunities."

"We are delighted that the APCR provides us with enough data and insights into what the future of PR practice will look like and how we can navigate the challenges that can hinder our efforts. The journey to elevate industry practice and bolster Africa's burgeoning industrialism for the betterment of its people starts now and we must all stay committed," says Harrison.

BR&I has produced all the editions of the Nigeria PR Report since its inception:
Concept of Virality
BHM’s Guide to Public Relations, and
BHM's Look Into The Future.

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