BrandArena: YouTube plans to expand into gaming again

Monday, 26 June 2023

YouTube plans to expand into gaming again

In less than two years of shutting down its gaming service, Stadia, Google is reportedly once again venturing into the online gaming market with its video streaming platform, YouTube.

According to an internal email sent to Google employees, the company has begun testing an online gaming application. This is happening as certain platforms embrace streaming games while others, such as Amazon, reconsider their video game streaming strategies.

Playables, a YouTube product that allows users to play games on both mobile devices and desktop PCs, is being tested. Playables, like Netflix's gaming product, give paying consumers access to casual games on mobile platforms. It allows users to play these games directly on YouTube's website in a web browser or on the YouTube app for Android and iOS devices.

While the report cites various games that are available for testing, it particularly emphasises "Stack Bounce." Players in this ad-supported arcade game must destroy layers of bricks with a bouncing ball. Notably, YouTube already generates revenue from gaming live streams, and this new gaming offering provides another path for revenue generation inside the sector, particularly in light of the drop in advertising spending.

With its entry into online gaming, YouTube hopes to capitalise on the growing interest in gaming by using its enormous user base and established infrastructure. As the streaming behemoth expands into gaming, it exhibits its dedication to exploring new revenue streams and providing various experiences to its users.

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