BrandArena: World Environment Day: LG Electronics Calls for Global Action to Beat Plastic Pollution

Wednesday 7 June 2023

World Environment Day: LG Electronics Calls for Global Action to Beat Plastic Pollution

Global Consumer Electronics Leader, LG Electronics joined the rest of the world in commemorating this year’s World Environment Day by mobilizing members of its staff to participate in the #beatplasticpollution. World Environment Day, held annually on June 5, puts a spotlight on the pressing environmental challenges of our times and is a great opportunity for people all around the globe to discuss efforts to protect and restore the Earth.

This year, the focus is on beating plastic pollution, a critical environmental challenge that threatens the health of our oceans, wildlife, and even human well-being. In line with the United Nations' theme for World Environment Day 2023, "Beat Plastic Pollution," governments, organizations, and individuals worldwide are joining forces to combat this growing menace.

Plastic pollution has reached alarming levels, with an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste ending up in the world's oceans each year. Single-use plastics, such as bottles, bags, and straws, are major contributors to this crisis, taking hundreds of years to degrade and causing irreparable harm to marine life.

Speaking at this year’s World Environment Day celebration, Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Dong Youn Kim said, World Environment Day provides an opportunity for global citizens, governments, and businesses to unite and take decisive action against plastic pollution. It encourages everyone to rethink their consumption patterns, embrace sustainable alternatives, and demand stricter regulations on plastic production and disposal.

“This is what has informed us as a company to embark on this cleaning exercise in order to address the issue of environmental degradation in society to mark world environment day. This is the reason why we continuously design products that would meet world environmental standards thereby helping our teeming consumers experience cleaner and greener lifestyles. Let me reiterate that people all over the world need to engage more in activities that will help safeguard the environment and the inhabitants, on that note I say happy World Environment Day.”

On her part, the CEO, Greenhill Recycling, Mariam Lawani said, she is pleased to work with LG Electronics on this project and also advises other stakeholders to follow suit. “On World Environment Day, we call upon individuals, communities, businesses, and governments to take a stand against plastic pollution. By making conscious choices and implementing sustainable practices, we can make a significant impact on our environment. Together, we have the power to preserve our planet for future generations.”

The cleaning exercise took place at Nigeria Army Shopping Complex, The Arena in Lagos State. The clean-up was informed by this year’s global theme #beatplasticpollution. It is aimed at creating a more nature-friendly environment which will in the long run guarantee a sustainable environment. The event was well-attended and those present included staff of LG Electronics Nigeria, Members of Solution 17 and Greenhill Recycling, who all came out in their numbers to actively participate in the exercise.

LG has adopted the use of a new composite fibre material that helps reduce product weight. Additionally, the packaging used for the latest LG OLED TVs is made of recyclable materials and features single-colour printing to further save energy and resources. The LG Soundbar line-up also reveals the company’s dedication to environmentally-conscious design. Its sophisticated audio solutions utilize reused and easily recyclable materials, consume only a small amount of power when in use and ship in sustainable packaging. And to top it off, every 2022 LG Soundbar model has received SGS Eco-Product certification in recognition of their environmental impact. 

LG has prioritized sustainability for a healthy and better lifestyle. AI DD detects the weight and fabric softness of each wash, and calibrates the optimal wash cycles, providing 18% more fabric protection. Steam technology featured in LG clothing care appliances harnesses the natural power of steam to eliminate fabric stains and bacteria. Using lower GWP refrigerant3, DUAL Inverter Heat Pump meets the sustainable use of resources as well as protects garments from damage with low-temperature heat pump technology.

World Environment Day serves as a reminder for LG to reaffirm its commitment to environmental stewardship and continue developing innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. 

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