BrandArena: ThriveAgric supports over 500,000 farmers in Africa to increase food production

Tuesday 13 June 2023

ThriveAgric supports over 500,000 farmers in Africa to increase food production

...produces over 1.5 million MT of grains in one year

ThriveAgric, a leading agricultural technology firm, has presented its 2022 Impact Report, repeating its objective to establish the biggest network of profitable farmers and expedite an Africa that feeds itself. Among other accomplishments during the fiscal year under review, the Nigeria-based corporation expanded its operations into nearby Ghana and Kenya in East Africa.

ThriveAgric's 2022 annual impact report includes the following highlights: connecting with 514,000+ smallholder farmers in over 2900 communities; pilot operations in 5 regions of Ghana and 6 counties in Kenya; investing over $100 million in financing; producing 1.5 million+ metric tonnes of grains; a 153.3% year-on-year increase in the number of women impacted and an 80% increase in youth impact in communities.

To accomplish these groundbreaking milestones, the fast-growing agricultural company leveraged its proprietary technology and key partnerships with governments and global institutions including the Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX), Promasidor (Kenya) Limited, VISA, and OCP Africa. 

Samirah Bello, Partnership Lead at ThriveAgric said: “At ThriveAgric, we remain committed as an impact-driven and customer-focused company. Through our strategic partnerships, we have been able to accelerate impact and reach meaningful milestones while tackling barriers confronting smallholder farmers in their day-to-day business. This report is an expansion of our 2017–2021 impact report, and we are proud to say that we have built a tech-driven agricultural enterprise that will eventually help feed Africa and the rest of the world.”

Speaking on the social impact, Uka Eje, CEO and co-founder of ThriveAgric said: “In addition to the social benefits such as reducing poverty and improving gender equality, smallholder farmers that work with ThriveAgric produce double the national average yields due to access to better quality seeds, fertilisers and equipment. At ThriveAgric, we will continue to adopt a multifaceted approach that includes collaboration between various stakeholders, increased investment, technology adoption, and sustainable agricultural practices. Our 2022 impact report is a testament that we are on the right track.” 

Access to funding remains one of the biggest challenges confronting smallholder farmers in Africa. According to the Africa Development Bank (AfDB), agri-SMEs in Africa are critically underfunded with an annual financing gap of approximately $100 billion.ThriveAgric is bridging this gap by providing input financing, providing data-led advisory to improve output, enhancing supply chain efficiency, and encouraging sustainable agricultural practices with the aim of building a network of profitable smallholder farmers and contributing to a food-secure Africa.

Leaning into its Theory of Change (highlighted in the impact report), ThriveAgric aims to provide $500 million in credit to 10 million smallholder farmers across Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya in 2027, and to double this outcome by 2050. The company will also be working with organisations that leverage its Agricultural Operating Software (AOS) to provide access to loans for their farmers and is currently onboarding partners. With food security projected by the UN to rise to a record 310 million Africans by 2030, ThriveAgric has planned expansions into Tanzania, Egypt and Zambia to alleviate the potential impact. 

ThriveAgric’s 2022 impact report is now available for download here.

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