BrandArena: Netflix upgrades 'My List' with new Filters for mobile users

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Netflix upgrades 'My List' with new Filters for mobile users

Netflix has introduced new filters for its 'My List' feature on iOS and Android devices. 'My List' allows users to build a customised section in which they can save films and TV shows that they plan to watch. The addition of these filters will let users sort through their bookmarked titles that they haven't yet watched.

It is a section dedicated to saved series and films. You can add any title you want to watch or are already viewing to your list for convenient access later. However, if you add too many titles, you may defeat the point of the function because you will have to spend more time searching through the list to locate what you're looking for.

Netflix users will be able to categorise their watchlists using multiple filters. They can select to see only TV shows or films in their list, switch between "Started" and "Haven't Started," and even arrange titles in the order they were added. These filters address the widespread problem of decision paralysis, which occurs when confronted with an overwhelming number of options.

Previously, My List lacked any filtering features, forcing mobile users to scroll through the app in order to find specific titles. Users can now save important time and effort when looking for desired material thanks to the addition of these new filters.

While the update is already accessible for Android users, Netflix intends to progressively roll it out to iOS devices over the following few weeks. It's crucial to note that these updates are only available for mobile users, with no plans to expand them to TVs or other devices in the near future, according to TechCrunch.

Aside from the filtering choices, Netflix has also added a handy swipe feature that allows users to remove movies right from the title card under the My List section. This improvement eliminates the need to travel to each TV show or movie's specific landing page to remove it from the list, optimising the overall user experience.

While the availability of these new features beyond mobile devices, such as Smart TVs and video game consoles, remains uncertain, it is hoped that they will eventually be accessible across all Netflix platforms.

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