BrandArena: Made to Live Africa hosts health, wellness and fitness expo November 16th-18th

Monday 15 May 2023

Made to Live Africa hosts health, wellness and fitness expo November 16th-18th

The premier event management company, Made to Live Africa has concluded plans to host an Africa-wide health, wellness and fitness expo in Lagos where participants would meet to gain insight into the health industry, get new knowledge on innovations about wellbeing and be inspired to live healthier.

According to the organisers, the Expo will take place in Lagos from 16th to 18th November 2023.

Mrs. Mary Ephraim- Egbas, Chief Executive Officer of Okhma Global, in a statement, said that over seven thousand participants and health, wellness nutrition and fitness industry professionals convene in November to discuss up-to-the-minute issues facing the health and healthcare industry.

She said “The expo’s conference will look into the potential growth of healthcare and the promotion of healthy living. This is the industry’s premier gathering of professionals from all three sectors of the health industry. This expo is much more than simply a conference and trade exhibition, with participants routinely negotiating transactions during the event but it is revolutionary for its anticipated impact on the quality of life and lifestyle.”

This year’s program has very relevant critical activities that effectively promote investments in health, discussions on issues that health and Healthcare stakeholders face across Nigeria, Africa, and activities to foster healthy living, promoting workplace health care and other crucial matters to be deliberated.  A key theme across the Expo is Knowledge for health - addressing the state of health and well-being, the state of health and health-related services, the performance of the health systems and the state of investments in health systems across Africa.

In addition, there will be a compelling economic case for improved investment in health in Africa and the status of health and opportunities for investment. Importantly, emphasising the need for the public and private sectors to work in concert to build strong health systems needed to reduce the burden of the healthcare sector and the life expectancy rate in Africa.

“All this against a backdrop of commercial operations and economic viability of the sector by further developing the wellness sector, promoting prevention health services, integrating nutrition, food & agriculture, environment and climate protection as a major spur for health and wellbeing, therefore involving production, transportation, and distribution of products. Beyond these overarching topics, the African region brings its own unique issues. Overall, we have to persist and continue to grow.

“While healthcare status continues to plumage, significant infrastructure and brain drain constraints continue to challenge the sector. The increasingly challenging issues in the healthcare sector cannot only be the responsibility of the sector but of human concern to all, considering that the private sector and public sector depend on human existence to develop and prosper, therefore it is important for all to be interested and knowledgeable about these issues and its possible solutions,” she added.

While the healthcare sector seems to play a significant role in health, food, agriculture, renewable energy, environment, climate, lifestyle and socio-political factors are clearly important influences in achieving the UN sustainable health goals. Without intentional and significant continued contributions from these sectors, the health sector will continue to suffer.

The content/discussion program of the conference and expo of 3 days will see keynote presentations and moderated panels. This conference focuses on Africa Health markets, the expo hopes to move across major regions of Africa to engage in these critical discussions. In today's digital age, health enthusiasts and key participants will appreciate an event that facilitates face-to-face interaction with healthcare experts and activities to promote their well-being.

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