BrandArena: Transformation and Agility Drive the Growth of Radisson Hotels

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Transformation and Agility Drive the Growth of Radisson Hotels

For the past 75 years, Radisson Hotel Group has built up a reputation of excellence in the accommodation and hospitality sectors and has become one of the biggest hotel groups in the world. This has been done by creating customer trust in the Group’s offerings, and through carefully considered expansions into key markets across the world supported by the right choice of partners. 

With over 1,700 hotels across the world currently, and more builds and signings planned, Radisson Hotel Group has a presence in some of the most popular countries and cities in the world. The Group is opening up opportunities for travellers to explore new places through the new phase in the Group’s development strategy, which is underpinned by a business model and clear brand architecture that will continue to drive the growth momentum.

The Group currently has 600 hotels in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). And Radisson is eyeing expansion into more cities worldwide.

Supporting Access To More Destinations

Feeding into the Group’s greater vision of becoming the company of choice for guests, owners, and talent, Radisson is harnessing the reputation that it has fostered and seeding hotels into more destinations.

In Europe, the Group has opened new hotels in UK, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain and more. These varied destinations highlight the Group’s focus on attracting customers who are eager to explore beyond their destination-comfort-zones.

“Global destinations represent not only a growth priority but also a source market to various regions. Europe is a key market to Africa including Egypt and having transformed our operating network in key gateway European cities, we are witnessing more and more brand recognition and loyalty from travellers when choosing to stay at our hotels,” says Ramsay Rankoussi, Vice President Development, Africa and Turkey at Radisson Hotel Group.

“When travellers make the decision to experience a new country or city from a trusted ‘home base’ - having different options from which to choose can be the deciding factor in converting consideration to action,” he continues. “Which is why we have focused so much of our attention on creating a diverse portfolio of accommodation offerings across the African continent from city hotels to resorts. We have spent the last few years reinforcing our brand image by establishing best in class hotels in various locations but also by becoming market leader in terms of performance and guest satisfaction.

The Radisson Difference

The Radisson Hotel Group has positioned itself as a leading global accommodation and hospitality service provider. This year, on the African continent, the Group has surpassed its half-year growth target with exciting new openings and market entries across both business and leisure destinations.

“In the last 24 months, we have signed over 25 hotels and around 4,800 rooms in Africa only but we also opened more than 16 hotels and 2,500 rooms across the continent. This is a testimony to the confidence investors have in our brand but also demonstrates the quality of our pipeline and the relevance of our offerings.  We will continue to look at new business opportunities in the region especially as witness more room for growth into resort offerings.” Rankoussi says. “We also recognize that each region is different and we, therefore, plan our hotels around what makes each destination unique.”

“And Radisson Hotel Group isn’t just a set of standard hotels - it’s a carefully-curated portfolio of different hotel brands that caters to different guest experience expectations,” continues Rankoussi.

Each of the brands has its own identity, but with a common focus on delivering memorable moments to the guests who are drawn to the specific look and feel of each collection.

Radisson Collection
The Radisson Collection is the most iconic of all the hotel types. It draws from the core of the luxury-meets-local lifestyle, offering a full spectrum of guest experiences from dining and wellness, to fitness and sustainability.

Radisson Blu
The collection of Blus delivers stylish experiences to guests, with attention paid to small details.

Our Radisson hotels draw on the concept of natural, relaxing spaces, with details carved out thoughtfully, and a goal to surprise and delight guests unexpectedly.

Radisson Red
These more playful hotels are threaded through with more “informal” but authentic service, and hotel experiences that step away from the conventional.

Radisson Individuals
This collection of hotels is about individuality, and catering to guests who are looking for a more personalised, one-on-one style of service.

Park Plaza
Deeply inspired by the local culture, community and experiences, the Park Plaza hotels are more contemporary in design and embed the respective vibrant local culture into all aspects of the hotel.

Park Inn by Radisson
Carrying a more upbeat vibe that embraces the local social scene, these hotels are aimed at lifting guests’ spirits and making them feel happy in the hotels’ spaces. Colour is used intuitively and with purpose, paired with contemporary design, personalised service, and surprising feel-good extras.

The most eclectic of all the Radisson Group’s collection of hotels, Prizeotel brings the designer lifestyle to an affordable level. A more informal service structure invites guests to live, work and play in the spaces.

More Than Just Hotels

In addition to being founded on people-centric principles, the Radisson Hotel Group is passionate about making a difference in each of its hotels’ communities and environments.

“Every hotel in the Group goes to great lengths to provide learning support and employment for its local communities, conducting business in an ethical manner and operating responsibly towards its locals and environment - from opportunity creation, to eco-sustainable practices,” says Rankoussi.

“It’s about living up to the ‘Yes I Can!’ mantra threaded into every aspect of the Radisson Hotel Group’s make-up - from saying ‘yes I can’ grow earth sustainability support, to ‘yes I can’ create the most unforgettable experiences for each and every guest, to ‘yes I can expand the business and create a hotel group that is as diverse as the communities in which we operate’,” says Rankoussi.

At Radisson Hotel Group we provide an insightful, responsive and relevant approach to our owners and create meaningful, delightful and inspiring experiences for our guests. We are a people company – with passionate colleagues delivering genuine service to our guests and owners.

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