BrandArena: Ibukun Awosika, Leslie Maasdorp appointed members of Binance Global Advisory Board

Friday 23 September 2022

Ibukun Awosika, Leslie Maasdorp appointed members of Binance Global Advisory Board

Two Africans, Ibukun Awosika and Leslie Maasdorp have been appointed as part of the newly constituted 12-member Global Advisory Board of blockchain company, Binance. They join Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance and Lord Vaizey, UK's Member of the House of Lords, Former Minister and Member of Parliament, on the board. 

In a statement issued by the company, Changpeng Zhao, the global Advisory Board, was constituted to help chart the best path forward for Web3, crypto, Binance, and its users.

“Through my experiences at Binance and the industry as a whole, I’ve engaged with leaders, regulators, and businesses across a wide variety of sectors. It’s given me a lot of knowledge. But, one of our company’s core values is humility, and I know that I don’t know everything. This is where the GAB will add a lot of value. 

Over the years, we have built a global presence and have actively engaged with leaders in countries from France to UAE. It has been inspiring to see so many of these countries leading the charge and embracing a future where crypto and blockchain are major forces in their economy. We understand that licenses and regulations will require much conversation and compromise, but the trajectory is clear, more and more countries want to find a positive path forward. 

With the speed and pace that Web3, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology are developing, it’s vital Binance draws on its knowledge, diverse experiences, and backgrounds to help us properly and successfully navigate such a dynamic industry.”

Ibukun Awosika from Nigeria is the First Female Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria; Founder, The Chair Centre group; Chairman, Nigerian Advisory Board, for Impact Investing and Convention on Business Integrity; Member G7 International Task Force for impact investing; Author of several books.

Leslie Maasdorp from South Africa is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the New Development Bank. Former MD and President for Southern Africa at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Former Vice Chairman of Barclays Capital. Former International Adviser to Goldman Sachs. 

Zhao says he says he sees an inflexion point for mass crypto adoption rapidly approaching and Binance’s role as an industry leader needs to be honed and managed with increasing expertise and experience.

While the company has doubled down our focus on regulatory compliance and transparency, Binance wants to ensure that it is continuously drawing on its strategic counsel of experts

“Together, we’ll consult the most complex regulatory, compliance, political, and social issues that we, as a company, and the entire crypto industry will face today and in the future. I’m honoured that our company has the credibility to convene such distinguished people who sit on our GAB. 

No single person can cover all the areas that need thoughtful, considered decision-making at this pivotal time. Binance will benefit greatly from input from people with experience across governments and industries, important and strategic relationships, and subject matter expertise. 

The needs are broad and the standards high, but the makeup of the GAB does a fine job of meeting these. From a former US senator to distinguished economists and global business leaders, I find myself in the company of an esteemed and highly accomplished group of people who share Binance’s mission, values, and vision going forward.”

Other advisors on the Board include:
  • David Plouffe (USA) – Business, Non-Profit and Political strategist; Author, Member of Various Boards of Directors; Former Campaign Manager Senior Advisor to President Obama in the White House
  • Max Baucus (USA) – Former U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China; Former U.S. Senator Montana; Former Chairman of Senate Committee on Finance
  • HyungRin Bang (Korea) – Advisor of the Korea Presidential Committee;  PR/Communications Advisor of Yoon Seuk-Yul’s 2022 Presidential Campaign; Former CEO, SoftForum Inc.; Former Executive Director, Hyundai; Former Executive Director, Samsung
  • Bruno Bezard (France) – Managing Partner of Cathay Capital; Former Economic Advisor to the French Prime Minister; Former Head of the French Treasury; Former CEO of the French Government Shareholding Agency
  • Henrique de Campos Meirelles (Brazil) – Former Minister of the Economy, Former President of the Central Bank of Brazil, Former Chair of J&F’s board of directors, Former Member of the Board of Directors of Azul Brazilian Airlines, Former President, Bank Boston; Former President of Global Banking, Fleetboston Financial; Former Board member, Raytheon Corporation, Bestfoods and Champion International. Former Member of the Council of Lloyd’s of London; Former Chairman of Lazard Americas. 
  • Adalberto Palma (Mexico) – Honorary Board Member of The Aspen Institute Mexico; Former Senior Advisor at the Chief of Staff Office to the President of Mexico; Director of Business Development at BEworksMX Consulting; Former President of the CNBV; Founding Chairman of The Center for Excellency in Corporate Governance; Independent Director of the Institute for Savings Protection; President of Bankers Trust Mêxico, Colombia and Venezuela; Managing Director of Citibank Mexico. 
  • Christine Schäfer (Germany) – Founder and Managing Director of acs plus; Former Group Risk Operating Officer, Erste Group Bank; Former Global Head of Quantitative Solutions, Deutsche Bank, Member of the Data Ethics Commission, German Federal Government
  • David Wright (Europe) – Chair, EUROFI; Former Secretary General, IOSCO, Former European Commission; Deputy Director General Financial Markets, European Commission

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