BrandArena: 7 years later: Africa powers Paxful to 10 million users

Wednesday 27 July 2022

7 years later: Africa powers Paxful to 10 million users

Paxful, the peer-to-peer finance platform, has reached 10 million users as it marks its seventh anniversary. The company was founded in 2015 with a simple mission – to advance a truly global economy by building a financial system that serves the 100%, not just the 1%. Building a strong presence in Africa since its inception, Paxful has played a role in Africa’s trajectory as the leader of the financial revolution. But Ray Youssef, CEO & Founder of Paxful, says it’s Africans who are really leading the way.

Africa Leading The Way

Globally, nearly $3B was traded on Paxful in 2021. Narrowing in on Nigeria, trade volume was over $760M last year and Nigerian users have climbed over the 2M mark. And despite the global financial crisis, Paxful is seeing that peer-to-peer and interest in Bitcoin is not slowing down. In the first half of 2022, trade volume in Nigeria reached nearly $400M, showing us that the emerging markets are still hungry for Bitcoin.

Youssef says, “While many parts of the developed world are fixated on the speculative activity of Bitcoin, people in Africa are teaching us about its true use cases and the opportunity it presents for greater financial inclusion.” He adds, “We do not want to downplay what’s happening in the market and the economic situation globally, but this is an opportunity for companies in the ecosystem to zoom out from the short-term focus and put effort into how and why Bitcoin creates an alternative financial option.”

Commitment to Education

Along their journey, Paxful has put financial education at the forefront of their mission, executing several initiatives on the continent. In 2021, they opened the PaxNaija Education Center to empower Nigerians through Bitcoin education, hosted several campus tours and workshops to encourage entrepreneurship, and met with hundreds of community members to help increase financial literacy. In the same year, Paxful gave a donation to the Human Rights Foundation to fund the Qala Fellowship, a program that aims to find and grow local Nigerian talent, starting with developers, to help them build careers in the Bitcoin space.

As part of Paxful’s mission to support emerging markets, Youssef also co-founded the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating equal opportunities by providing clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming and humanitarian support - all powered by Bitcoin. The foundation has built eight schools across the continent, with two of them in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The Future of Paxful

In just seven years, Paxful has grown into an organisation with nearly 400 employees globally and offices around the world. Paxful remains committed to further growing its footprint around the world, and empowering users to take control of their financial future. As far as their plans for Africa, Paxful plans to continue to foster financial literacy and increase financial inclusion through education. Purpose over price is how we’ll get to Bitcoin for the 100% and Paxful will remain committed to education around Bitcoin’s utility.

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