BrandArena: OPPO Reno7: The Portrait Expert Powered by Cutting-Edge Hardware and Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday 18 May 2022

OPPO Reno7: The Portrait Expert Powered by Cutting-Edge Hardware and Artificial Intelligence

OPPO Nigeria has launched Reno 7, its much anticipated flagship device in Nigeria. Reno 7 is the first smartphone series to specialize in portrait photography, the OPPO Reno series has since paved the way for a new generation of smart portrait capabilities with its revolutionary portrait technology and chip-level AI algorithms. 

With the launch of the new Reno7, OPPO Nigeria has taken the portrait-focused experience to the next level thanks to a combination of professional hardware and algorithms that enable users worldwide to create gorgeous portrait images with just the click of a button.

OPPO Reno7 is also the first smartphone to embed algorithms onto sensor hardware which enables the device to produce sharper, clearer and brighter images. This was achieved after OPPO engaged in extensive research in sensor technology in order to deliver the highest quality images to its customers.

According to the Marketing Director, OPPO Nigeria, Iris Cao, the new Reno 7 comes with innovative features powered by advanced image processing algorithms. Among these are Bokeh Flare Portrait, Selfie HDR and AI Beautification. These features are the result of over 10 years of image technology research and development, as well as the latest success in high-quality portrait photography for smartphones. “For instance, the AI Beautification deliver natural beautification effects for portrait photos and videos on OPPO Reno7’s rear and front cameras. It also helps to remove blemish, pimples and facial acne on the faces of individuals and produces customized retouching for individuals in group photos”. Our customers would love this phone, she added.

In her own words, Jennifer Okorhi, Integrated Marketing Manager OPPO Nigeria, said that the Reno7 is not just a fashion statement for its stylish and sleek look but a device customers would find very amazing in terms of functionalities. “This is the era of social media platforms which are replete with stories whether personal, business or service oriented, are usually accompanied by pictures. Good pictures help to bring the stories to life and this is one area the Reno7 stands out from the rest. It creates great pictures irrespective of low or high lighting backgrounds”. She said.

Reno7 is now available for pre-order on ahead of it availability later in the month.

The phone is available in three colours - Sunset Orange, Auroral Blue and Cosmic Black. OPPO has promised to continue its focus on exploring new possibilities in imaging through advancements in both hardware and software, empowering the Reno series to bring even more professional portrait photography to users around the world.

Below are the other amazing features of the Reno7

New Microlens Sparks Curiosity to Discover the Unseen World

With the addition of a 2-megapixel Microlens on OPPO Reno7 and support for 16.6x magnification on both video and photos, OPPO introduces a new way to experience smartphone photography and maximize your creativity and curiosity.

OPPO Reno7’s Microlens offers a new perspective on the surrounding world

The inclusion of the Microlens on OPPO Reno7 involved more than simply making room for an additional lens on the phone. At the structural level, OPPO made the decision to install the Microlens module on the back cover of the phone, rather than directly mounting it on the motherboard. As the short focal length of the Microlens requires the phone to be placed very close to the objects being photographed, OPPO also added a new Orbit Light underneath the Microlens to provide additional illumination to ensure the delivery of image versatility and high shooting performance.

Bokeh Flare Portrait

Bokeh Flare Portrait on OPPO Reno7 improves on the previous generation features to deliver more professional-looking DSLR-like portraits. OPPO’s exclusive AI algorithms enhance the brightness of the human subject in images while automatically blurring the background and boosting the bokeh light spots. With just one click, OPPO Reno7 can capture portrait images with rich bokeh light spots that look just like those taken on high-end DSLR cameras.

Bokeh Flare Portrait Image Comparisons

Compared to previous generation features, the new Bokeh Flare Portrait delivers a more textured bokeh effect and enhances skin tones, especially in images with high color saturation. This helps portrait subjects to stand out more against backgrounds, making them the clear focus of the image.

Selfie HDR

Backlight can be one of the most difficult environments to master when taking photos, but with OPPO Reno7’s Selfie HDR function and the IMX709 sensor, it’s now easier than ever to happily snap sharper, brighter, and more natural-looking selfies in the presence of strong backlight.

Although these stunning selfies appear instantly on the screen of OPPO Reno7, behind the scenes, various complex algorithms are at work making sure that what the user sees is the best possible selfie image. The HDR algorithm uses multi-frame synthesis technology to suppress highlights and enhance dark details in the image. Alongside this, a portrait matting algorithm has been trained on a large database of portrait images to accurately identify human subjects in the image. Following this, the bokeh algorithm optimizes image segmentation to reduce false bokeh and ensure that edges between bokeh lights and the background appear natural. Further enhancements are then made to the shape and color of the bokeh flares and the brightness and tone of the subject’s skin.

Selfie HDR Image Comparison

AI Beautification

OPPO continues to explore how AI algorithms can be used to meet the different photo retouching needs for users around the world with AI Beautification. Leveraging machine learning trained on 5,000 unique faces in 400,000 images, AI Beautification recognizes 393 key facial feature points to deliver natural beautification effects for portrait photos and videos on OPPO Reno7’s rear and front cameras. Beautification effects include AI blemish removal and customized retouching for individuals in group photos.

Shot with AI Beautification on OPPO Reno7

AI Beautification can accurately recognize and erase blemishes, pimples, acne scars and sunspots, and intelligently retouch skin tones or makeup while keeping other desired features intact. It can also intelligently identify information such as ethnicity, gender and age to offer personalized retouching. On the front camera, skin textures and other facial features can be adjusted using the customizable beauty panel, which offers 10 different settings and 8 detailed retouching modes open to complete personalization.

Gorgeous Photos Anytime, Anywhere

OPPO has never stopped pushing the limits of snapshot and high-resolution photography on its smartphones as it aims to make it as simple as possible for everyone to take high-quality photos in any situation.

Motion capture with OPPO Reno7's Flash Snapshot

Making use of the OPPO Image Clear Engine (ICE) embedded in OPPO Reno7, Flash Snapshot shoots multi-frame bursts of ultra-short exposure photos to capture crystal clear images even when subjects are moving. Simply raising the OPPO Reno7 and pressing the shutter is all that’s needed to capture any moment, anywhere, without worrying about blurry or out of focus images. In addition, the 64MP main camera provides amazing image processing capabilities. The resolution enhancement algorithm can construct higher-resolution images by utilizing sub-pixel displacement between multiple frames to synthesize 108MP Extra-HD images using what’s known as a VD solution. With OPPO Reno7’s Flash Snapshot and Ultra-Clear 108MP Image, amazing photos are on hand anytime and anywhere.

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