BrandArena: Evolve Launches Inspire Program to Empower Educators in Nigeria

Friday 29 April 2022

Evolve Launches Inspire Program to Empower Educators in Nigeria

…strengthens vision to provide inspirational teachers in every classroom

Adipro International Corp (AIC), through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, Evolve works with its distributors in Nigeria, Pacegate Limited and Pacegate Energy and Resources Limited (PEARL). Evolve, through its School Connect platform has launched the Inspire program. Inspire is a 3-day value-based education enrichment program assisting educators to develop a heart-centred approach to teaching. This will enable teachers to take a holistic approach toward student growth using 21st-century styles of learning such as the Heartfulness Way.

The aim of this program is to create a loving and compassionate learning environment through the heart-based approach. Teachers and students collaborate in the Heart-Based Teaching (HBT) approach to not only achieve the cognitive goals of school and performance readiness but also to create a classroom environment conducive to the development of the social-emotional knowledge and skills associated with personal and career success.

The Inspire program being implemented in Nigeria commenced with the training of 18 teachers from these 6 schools (Ilupeju Junior Grammar School, Ilupeju Senior Grammar School, Ilupeju Junior Secondary School, Ilupeju Senior Secondary School, Estate Junior Grammar School and Estate Senior Grammar School) in the Educational District VI within Ilupeju. The three-day training facilitated by international professionals across the world. The program covered Facilitation skills, Heartful teacher, Heterogenous learners, Heart-centred education, curriculum practical workshop, communication skills, inspired learning, as well as Experiencing Heartfulness and Certificate Distribution.

“This year, we are introducing the Value-adding Inspire Program to help these students communicate and understand clearly what they are being taught in schools. Global Studies have shown that the best way to make lasting change is through the teachers, we are scaling up gradually,” said Godwin Ejeh, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility – Pacegate Group, Distributor of Adipro Chemicals in Nigeria.

Sharing her experience as a participant of the Inspire program, Mrs. Fahm -Bello, a Teacher at Ilupeju Junior Grammar School said, “the training has been an eye-opener. The highlight for me was the communication skills workshop which I intend to put into practice with the students. They taught us to teach from the heart because when teachers are invested in their pupils, they become invested in themselves, their peers, their teachers, and their education.”

Globally, the Inspire program has touched the hearts of over 10,000 teachers, education officers and principals with centres in over 130 countries serving more than one million people worldwide. By empowering educators, the program seeks to improve interest at school, stress management, communication skills and empowerment for Grade 1 to 9 students through their teachers to enable them become better individuals and add value to society.

Evolve remains committed to supporting the education of the girl-child. In 2020, Evolve donated school supplies to 1,000 girls in 6 schools within its local community Ilupeju, Lagos State. In 2021, we donated to 4,200 girls in 21 schools across 4 states; this year we plan to reach 8,000 girls in 40 schools across 8 states in the country. The vision is to empower 50,000 girls within 5 years.

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