BrandArena: LG ThinQ Technology in ACs: Bring a New Intelligence to Human Connected Lifestyle

Thursday 31 March 2022

LG ThinQ Technology in ACs: Bring a New Intelligence to Human Connected Lifestyle

The role of technology has evolved into one of intelligence and connectedness, capable of effectively managing all of our everyday demands, providing remote control access to all of our home devices and appliances, and serving as a virtual assistant.

Thanks to breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine/deep learning, providing individual consumers with unique experiences, tailored to their tastes and preferences is now more achievable than ever before. These smart technologies now enable hyper-personalization data to be obtained in real-time to adjust products, services, and experiences to a consumer's particular want and needs.

The integration of AI has reshaped the role of home automation and added a new dimension of entertainment to customers' lives. One company that has been at the forefront of this tech innovation is LG Electronics. The South Korean company has pushed AI technology to new heights with its unique products.

LG Electronics has equipped its ACs with Smart ThinQ technology, which as per the company, allows the user to control and monitor Air conditioners at any time and from anywhere with an app on the phone.

According to Mr. Jung June Yoon, Product Manager of Air Solution, LG Electronics West African Operations, In the last three years, LG ACs are equipped with ThinQ technology, which allows users to control & monitor AC at any time and from anywhere with an app on the phone. LG ThinQ offers compatibility with Smart App Google Assistant AI Speakers & Apps, which are available in Split and Window Inverter AC’s. Apart from the control, consumers can also get filter cleaning notifications & control multiple home appliances through LG’s Smart ThinQ.”

“With its promise of bringing new intelligence to connect living, LG ThinQ enables devices to be operated for the convenience of a free-to-download smartphone application, unlocking a world of potential for remote operation and added functionality.

"LG aims to offer the best air conditioning solutions to her esteemed consumers through a robust product portfolio supported by effective after-sales service. It gives us the confidence to continue our industry’s first initiative of same-day installation which at the moment is free”, he said.

 LG air conditioners are designed for easier and more efficient installation, regardless of the surroundings and the number of persons involved in the installation process. By reducing the manpower and time required for installation, it is now possible to install more air conditioners in more homes in a shorter period of time.

Whether on the go or at home, the LG ThinQ app gives you the freedom to:

Access Control through Built-in Wi-Fi

When the temperatures rise outside, change the forecast inside. Available ThinQ technology lets you control your LG air conditioner from your mobile device. Start and stop the cooling, change the mode, or set the temperature while you’re away, right from your phone. The air conditioner is even compatible with Google Assistant so you can control it with a voice command.

Voice Control

LG air conditioners operate at low sound levels, thanks to LG's unique skew fan and Inverter Compressor which eliminate unnecessary noise and allow for smooth operation.

LG DUALCOOL ThinQ Models are compatible with your smartphones and AI Speakers such as Google Assistant.  Now monitor & control your LG AC any time anywhere.

Personalized Performance

It makes recommendations learned from your preferences to meet your needs. The Active Energy Control function allows you to select the level of energy consumption depending on the situation.

Smart Diagnosis

Troubleshoot problems with Smart Diagnosis function.

Energy Saving

Optimize product performance to minimize energy use and save money. Through its Inverter Compressor, it constantly adjusts a compressor's speed to maintain desired temperature levels. Its power-saving operation ranges, frequency saves more energy than the conventional compressor. Thanks to the Inverter Compressor, air is expelled farther and faster.

Quick and Easy Installation

The advantages of AI technologies like LG ThinQ will undoubtedly enable humans to live better and smarter lives. Humans can only enjoy a more mobile, comfortable, and connected lifestyle as internet access and technology adoption improves.

The new range of LG DUAL Inverter Air Conditioners comes with AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling, ADC Sensor, Inbuilt Air purifier with PM 1.0 Sensor and Ionizer. Voice control enabled operation with ThinQ makes usage completely touch-free along with UV Nano technology, Anti-Virus protection which makes it a must in every home for faster cooling & energy savings also protects from harmful viruses and bacteria.

The key features of LG Split ACs include DUAL Inverter Compressor, AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling, ADC Sensor, HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection, Stabilizer Free Operation, ThinQ smart app connectivity, Voice Control, 10 years warranty on inverter compressor, and many more.

According to the LG ThinQ 2021 Smart Home Report, the largest group of smart homeowners says saving energy is the greatest benefit of owning a smart home. Smart devices can be set to run when electricity rates are the cheapest and solar panels can charge home batteries which can power the home once the sun goes down. With a grid-connected solar system, smart homeowners can reduce their electricity bills even more by sending excess power to the grid.

To find out more about how LG’s ThinQ platform in relation to LG Air Conditioner usage helps consumers live with greater comfortability, please visit:

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