BrandArena: LG Self–Sufficient Lifestyle For a Better Tomorrow

Thursday 10 March 2022

LG Self–Sufficient Lifestyle For a Better Tomorrow

…The LG Vision Omnipod Concept Wants to Put the Metaverse Inside Your Car

To give consumers a better tomorrow to look forward to, LG is constantly working on innovations for the future. These inventions will one day change the way we live for the better.

The futuristic, LG OMNIPOD mobility concept vehicle at CES 2022 blurs the line between home and car. An example of LG’s commitment to future mobility, LG OMNIPOD is an on-the-road extension of one’s personal living space designed to function as a home office, an entertainment center or even a lounge. LG OMNIPOD offers a look at how an individual could get more done in the future when working remotely doesn’t mean having to work from home.

With CLOi GuideBot already helping customers and LG CLOi ServeBot ready to serve customers, the potential of robotics to help at the workplace seems unlimited. In the future, it could be an LG robot delivering groceries or pizza to your door. As one of the world’s foremost experts in 6G technology, LG sees a future where remote services related to healthcare and elderly care become more commonplace

Exactly around this time two years back, LG debuted the Connected Car, its attempt at bringing its electronic expertise to the automotive world. A lot has happened since then – the company’s sold rolling TVs and debuted absurdly beautiful dual-screen mobile phones before completely shuttering their smartphone business. At CES 2022, however, LG’s focus lies on the hottest tech trend there is – the metaverse. The LG Vision Omnipod is an expansion of its Connected Car concept, detailing how the interiors of its car hopes to act as “a futuristic cabin that can reconstruct the customer’s space for a range of needs.”

With the Omnipod, the interiors of the car are its main focus. LG highlights that the car’s cabin is a hyper-futuristic space with an adaptable interior that can be reconfigured using the “Meta Environment Screen”. That’s albeit just fancy talk for saying that the car has a massive vertical television inside it which helps alter the mood or theme of the cabin, while also working as an infotainment unit. It also comes with LG’s AI Guide, Reah, a digital (or metaverse) entity that you can interact with to access the car’s wide range of features, both physical and virtual.

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