BrandArena: Bosch Hires Stratitude to Manage its Africa EVP Strategy and Employer Branding

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Bosch Hires Stratitude to Manage its Africa EVP Strategy and Employer Branding

Bosch in Africa has appointed South African agency, Stratitude to develop a localised employee value proposition (EVP) strategy and employer branding for its African regions. Stratitude is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in strategic and creative solutions that improve client brands and bottom lines. 

Paul Vermeji, VP HR of Bosch Africa, says, "The project is a key element in positioning Bosch in Africa as a preferred employer in the Africa region."

Vermeji adds, "Stratitude will support with the first implementation in four African countries — South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Egypt."

"To do this, we must ensure that our EVP strategy is made relevant to these diverse markets, and the messaging is personalised to best reach and engage with these audiences," says Vermeij.

According to the company, each of these markets is unique, which makes it crucial that the messaging that stems from Bosch's corporate office in Stuttgart, Germany, is localised and appeals to the talent in these markets.

The company adds that the project is centered around how the existing 'Work #LikeABosch' strapline will be promoted. This is in a way that resonates with talent and employees in each region and invites them to engage with the organisation.

"While a global brand positioning is valuable in attracting talent, candidates need to relate to a company's EVP and recognise the business not only as an employer but as an employer of choice," says Sylvia Zanetti, Stratitude's MD. "A well-crafted employer branding strategy ticks this box as it enables a business to influence the perceptions of job seekers and employees."

Given the proliferation of recruitment on digital platforms and multinational companies venturing into the African market, finding the ideal employer is now at the fingertips of career applicants, according to the agency. 

The agency adds that, faced with this reality, employers need to take a proactive approach to engage not only suitable candidates but more importantly, attracting and retaining top talent. 

"We consult with blue clip clients to develop and implement various EVPs, employee brand strategies and employee benefit programmes. It's an added bonus that this project involves four very diverse regions, which we're really excited about," concludes Zanetti. 

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