BrandArena: Eko Shortlets Launches Holiday ShortStays Amid Expansion Plans

Friday 10 December 2021

Eko Shortlets Launches Holiday ShortStays Amid Expansion Plans

Consolidating its one-year anniversary, top Nigerian apartment management company, Eko Shortlets has announced the launch of Holiday ShortStays, the latest indication of its growth capacity and expansion plans.

The new company which is positioned to serve travellers who want to vacation anywhere in the world will help with the best of planning and lodging solutions in their destination of choice.

In addition to helping travellers get seamless accommodation in strategic locations in the country; Holiday ShortStays will help them locate the best hotels, boat rentals, and car rentals.

Speaking on this, Mr Tobi Misan Adegboyega, the Managing Director of Eko ShortLets explained, “Holiday ShortStays is a marketplace where people who have apartments can put it up there to find those who need these services. This include property owners, managers, car and boat rentals, and hotels.

“What this offering solves is that it makes your travel plans seamless. You as a customer don’t have to worry about stress because Holiday ShortStays has handled it.”

Speaking further, he said, that the first year of the company’s existence has shown that it can achieve anything as the uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic created new opportunities, one of which is the expansion of the company to other parts of the country.

The Eko Shortlets MD noted that the company will be expanding its footprints from Lagos to Abuja, Delta, and some other parts of Nigeria.

He added that the growth will see the company launch its presence on the international scene with locations like the United States, London, Dubai, Australia, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania on its radar.

“It is really good when you understand the market like we do at Eko Shortlets, we value our clients and the importance we put on them is why we will be able to serve them in other parts of the world.

“Banking on the trust we have shown them with what we have done in the last 12 months, the feedback that we have gotten from them has also led to [the] creation of Holiday ShortStays.

“Holiday ShortStays will cater to your need in any location in the world, the hospitable treatment we give people in our country will be extended and if we can serve you better here, imagine what we can do anywhere else.
“It is really a thing of delight to be able to expand the footprints outside the shores of Nigeria to anywhere people choose to go.”

The laudable feat has been praised as it signifies not just the company’s understanding of the business environment but shows an expanding customer base despite recent headwinds faced in the global economy.

Mr Adegboyega noted that the company will continue to place its customers first by providing affordable apartments while providing solutions to the housing market in Nigeria.

Eko ShortLets is an apartment management company that has taken up the challenge to change the shortLet and apartment tale, one customer at a time.

The company also takes on other people’s property in a managerial capacity. These properties will be put up on its fleet of tastefully furnished apartments and they will be made up to fit into the standard of primus inter pares luxurious spaces, whilst retaining an almost pristine state.

Owners of such property will be given a percentage of the company’s income on a monthly basis without fail. To this end, it’s a win-win situation for both the owners of properties and the team at Eko ShortLets.

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