BrandArena: PRnomics now launched as Nigeria’s first-ever PR and Economics resource hub

Monday 1 November 2021

PRnomics now launched as Nigeria’s first-ever PR and Economics resource hub

PRnomics, Nigeria’s first-ever combined public relations, economics digital platform and resource hub has officially been launched into the global market.

With access to exclusive communications intellectual resources and millions of research data, PRnomics will help its audience stay ahead in the new knowledge economy.

Business leaders, communications advisers, professional writers, journalists and goal-driven entrepreneurs will find PRnomics a priceless learning centre, providing the tools needed in their relentless pursuit of growth and career pinnacle.
It will be packed with business tips, PR how-to, communications tool kits, industry news, success strategies, game-changing ideas, and best-in-class Marketibg case studies.

With researchers and contributors from key locations around the world, It will be the first PR Marketing publication in Nigeria and Africa to combine PR and economics.

The different categories will help readers to narrow down their search and scope. They include but are not limited to Brands X-ray, Humor, Case Studies, Business Class, Curiosity, Resource Hub and Books.

The Books section summarizes futuristic thinking and the latest business books that most leaders, professionals, and students in Nigeria would not have immediate access to.

The look and feel, tone and voice of the platform would all be in sync with the aspiration and peak expectations of its targeted demographics. It would be the unequalled Resource Hub for research-driven content, Nigerian case studies, strategy, processed thinking and market intelligence.

PRnomics defined its mission as “helping professionals and businesses better understand the art and management of perception, as well as equip them to develop compelling audience-centric content and smarter marketing campaigns.”

The $93 billion global PR market

 The global PR market was worth 63.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. By the end of 2022, the industry is expected to surpass $93 billion.

Deeper skills, subject expertise, service harmonization to global best practices, and access to current research data will support Nigerian agencies and businesses in making a more significant inroad into the gigantic but highly competitive global market.


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