BrandArena: Logitech Supports Nigerians with Products Designed to Make Remote Working Efficient

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Logitech Supports Nigerians with Products Designed to Make Remote Working Efficient

A year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to assume that remote working is here to stay. The new normal workspace, wherever that might be, has prompted organisations to identify tech gadgets that allow staff to deal with their workload more effectively. 

Logitech strives to empower people to do their work the best way they can, from wherever they are. Focused on innovation and quality, the company designs products and experiences that have a place in people's everyday lives. 

Theresa Relihan, Head of Marketing at Logitech Sub-Saharan Africa, says, “We understand that for many Nigerian companies, deploying remote work solutions at scale is new and can take time to perfect. Each of our products is designed with the customers in mind. We always focus on how people connect and interact in the digital world and ensure an efficient, unique and meaningful experience.”

Here are some tips, provided by Logitech, and supporting products that will to drive efficiency regardless of the location.

How to make a remote setup efficient

Webcams vs laptop cameras: The limitation of embedded cameras (in laptops) undermines the benefits of video collaboration. Problems arise from poor lighting, bad angles and poor resolution or clarity. If the camera isn’t positioned correctly or the user is in a dark room with a bright window behind them, or there is a strong light on one side, it can be difficult for other people to see that person clearly.

The quality of video technology is essential. If the experience of using video for meetings is bad, people are more likely to not attend or be frustrated by the experience. If the visual and sound are clear, people can be seen easily, and the meeting feels like it is being held in person. 

To deliver a superior meeting experience, a business-grade webcam will include a number of features that enhance the image. One of the most important aspects is the ability to compensate for poor lighting.
Another is the ability to change field of view and position the camera in a more favourable angle. This allows users to crop out distracting backgrounds, perfectly frame themselves, or capture the entire scene if needed. Integrations and certifications are other considerations. Webcams that are certified for video conferencing software help to ensure problem-free meetings.
While the experience of using embedded cameras is variable – sometimes good, often terrible – the experience with business-grade webcams is generally outstanding and highly predictable.
Headsets vs laptop-embedded audio: Participating in meetings with a headset not optimised for business or relying on laptop’s built-in hardware can be a problem because laptop audio capabilities are often sub-par. The laptop audio often lacks noise-cancelling technology to help both the speaker and listener focus on what is being said. Secondly, it is not certified or optimised to work with video conferencing software from vendors such as Google, Microsoft and Zoom. Finally, it does not include features like voice-level adjustment that help users look and sound their best.
But headsets designed for the enterprise usually have noise-cancelling features to eliminate background sounds and distractions, digital signal processing to make users’ voice sound natural, and are certifications with major video software platforms and built-in functionality such as a mute button.
Wired vs wireless keyboards: A wired keyboard is best if users do not want to deal with input lag, the risk of interference or battery life. However, a wireless keyboard is the ideal choice, if users want to be mobile and use their keyboard from long range.
Remote working products

The Logitech HD PRO WEBCAM C920 delivers remarkably crisp and detailed Full HD video (1080p at 30fps) with a full HD glass lens, 78° field of view, and HD auto light correction plus dual mics for clear stereo sound. Everything you need to look great in conference calls. The attachable privacy shutter protects the lens and keeps your privacy when you need it.

The Logitech MK295 SILENT WIRELESS COMBO comes with SilentTouch technology including noise reduction by over 90%. It has a spill-proof design, long-lasting battery, comfortable full-size keyboard, adjustable keyboard height, comfortable and compact mouse and finally plug-and-play simplicity.

The H390 USB COMPUTER HEADSET allows you to experience clear internet calls with simple plug-and-play USB-A connection and a noise-canceling mic. In-line controls let you control volume or mute without interrupting calls. Laser-tuned drivers deliver enhanced digital audio with your favorite music and games.

“Long hours of remote work means that the products used to support your work-day should be productivity-efficient and deliver quality output,” concluded Relihan.


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