BrandArena: LG Commemorates International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Thursday 16 September 2021

LG Commemorates International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer

…Showcase its Eco-friendly OLED, Soundbars & HVAC Products

LG Electronics has called on its customers, vendors and other stakeholders to limit the amount of substances emitted into the atmosphere by adopting environmentally sustainable refrigerants to preserve the ozone layer. The electronics giant made the plea during the commemoration of World Ozone Day on Thursday, September 16th, 2021 in Lagos.

According to Mr. Hari Elluru Head, Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West African Operations, LG is committed to new heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) technology that will promote healthier, and smarter living across the world. He noted that, in recent years, refrigeration technology has become far more advanced than the Freon-powered clunkers of the 1960s.

"We all have a role to play to protect the planet. Today, people can significantly increase both their energy efficiency and sustainability by implementing new technologies when it comes to managing, maintaining, and retiring refrigeration systems.

“LG air conditioning provides optimized solutions for every sector and climate with a wide range of cutting-edge systems that bring exceptional HVAC performance to buildings worldwide. Through our unmatched expertise and industry knowledge, we respond directly to the needs of businesses seeking digitalized and eco-conscious HVAC solutions", he said.

"The ozone layer serves as the planet's sunscreen, shielding it from the sun. This year, we celebrate the success we've had in restoring the ozone layer on September 16, while also remembering that we still have a long way to go. Our products, such as the LG Therma V R32 Split, LG Multi V S, and LG Multi V 5, contribute to a reduction in the ozone layer's impact", he stated.

LG THEMRA V R32 Split provides reliable and powerful heating for the indoor environment. It can operate even at extremely cold weather like -25℃. Moreover, it can offer leaving water temperature of 65℃ at maximum. THERMA V R32 Split is equipped with the Revolutionary R1 Compressor. This advanced compressor especially improved the tilting motion of scroll, increasing overall efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, compressor operation ranges are improved to perform from 10Hz to 135Hz.

The unparalleled efficiency of LG HVAC solutions reduces costs through innovative components and functionality. Solutions such as the LG Multi V 5 are embedded with LG’s proprietary Ultimate Inverter Compressor and not only provide more precise temperature settings but also reach target temperatures faster with variable-speed compression. Variable-speed compression delivers high-speed operation and lower power consumption and allows units to only use the precise amount of energy required to meet the set temperature. Smart Load Control can also save money by intelligently managing refrigerant temps dependent on the outside temperature. This guarantees that operations are more efficient.

Multi V S also provides maximized energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs. Compact yet powerful VRF for private residences and small offices. It controls refrigerant temperature according to indoor, outdoor and setting temperatures. This optimizes energy efficiency by saving up to 13% and maximizes indoor comfort level in cooling/heating modes. LG Multi V S has also received several noteworthy industry accolades, including being recognized as "the 2019 Green Innovation of the Year" by Green Builder as well as a TecHome Brilliance Award honoree.

Ozone is a molecule that contains three oxygen atoms. At any given time, ozone molecules are constantly formed and destroyed in the stratosphere. The ozone layer is the common term for the high concentration of ozone that is found in the stratosphere around 15–30km above the earth's surface. It covers the entire planet and protects life on earth by absorbing harmful ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation from the sun.

As a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, Mr. Elluru added that LG has long been a proponent of doing right by the consumer and the planet, an approach that can clearly be seen in its latest home entertainment products, including its acclaimed OLED TVs. Sustainability is factored into every stage of LG OLED TV’s lifecycle, from product development to manufacturing and usage and even disposal.

The company’s next-generation TVs use panels that have received Eco-Product recognition from Swiss-based SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA, a respected provider of testing, inspection and certification services based in Geneva. SGS found LG OLED panels to be particularly strong in key evaluation categories covering the lowering of indoor air pollutants, the reduction in the use of hazardous substances, and recyclability.

LG OLED’s “eco” credentials are largely the result of its unique, self-lit display technology, which also enables the pixel-level dimming so crucial to the TVs’ superior picture quality. As it does not require a backlighting structure, LG OLED uses fewer components (mostly made from plastics, one of the major causes of environmental problems) than LED-LCD TV and emits less indoor air pollutants.

When it comes to immersive home entertainment experiences, sound quality is just as important as picture quality. LG OLED TVs are not the only “eco” products considering the planet and consumers. LG’s latest audio solutions that deliver dynamic, realistic sound, demonstrate the same focus on sustainability that can be seen in its next-gen TVs.

LG’s 2021 soundbars use recycled materials such as resin for the outer cases of many of the models while some models feature jersey fabric made from recycled PET bottles and have been certified as meeting the Global Recycled Standard.3 In fact, many of LG’s soundbars have received UL 2809 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Recycled Content, an assurance to consumers that these products are indeed as environmentally responsible as advertised.

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