BrandArena: Four ways to enhance your ride experience on Bolt​

Friday 20 August 2021

Four ways to enhance your ride experience on Bolt​

Ride-hailing services continued to increase across Nigeria over the past few years, and Bolt has been at the forefront of this growth. Since its entrance into the country in 2016, Bolt’s footprint has expanded to over 30 cities, thanks to its focus on customer satisfaction and ensuring seamless operations. Ride-hailing offers numerous benefits to customers, especially safety, affordable rates and convenience, contributing to a pleasant ride experience every time. 

Here are a few tips to enhance your Bolt ride.

Double-check the car and driver profile

When you match with a Bolt driver, you will receive their name, profile picture, vehicle model and license plate number. Ensure that the details of the vehicle that arrives are the same as those on the app. In addition, before getting in the car, you should ensure that the person behind the wheel matches the profile picture on your app. If not, then cancel the ride and use the reason “Driver or car did not match” to make a report to our High Priority Team. 

Share your ride info

Your close family and friends worry about your safety. This is why Bolt has a ‘Share Ride’ Info feature that appears under the driver's profile at the bottom of the app. This feature allows you to share your ride details and your current location with trusted family and friends throughout your ride. This means loved ones can keep track of your journey and know when you have arrived safely at your destination.

Be precise about your location 

Bolt drivers are expected to follow the Bolt in-app navigation and in many cases may be more informed on the best route to your destination. However, there may be cases where the driver is as unfamiliar with the destination as you. That’s why, in all cases, we suggest being as precise with your desired destination, inputting the exact building number and street; this ensures the correct location is in the driver’s navigation app, saves time and makes it easier to locate your desired destination. 

Rate and leave feedback after your trip

Feedback is critical. It forms the basis of Bolt’s innovative solutions to improve the ride experience for both riders and drivers. After each trip, provide your feedback on the app. Bolt has a customer support team to respond to questions or concerns via email and the Bolt application. In addition, they have a high-priority team investigating all reported incidents and work with law enforcement agencies to resolve all reported safety and security issues. 

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