BrandArena: EbonyLife Academy Alumni “Creative Sixteen” Set to Lead the Movie Industry

Friday 2 July 2021

EbonyLife Academy Alumni “Creative Sixteen” Set to Lead the Movie Industry

In March 2021, the first intake of students started their journey at the EbonyLife Creative Academy with so many expectations, vigour and fears; because nobody knew what was coming and the direction the classes would go.

Personally, I was ready to learn, because it seems like a rare opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to build a career in the creative industry, horn my acting skills and meet other like-minded individuals. And truly, in a jiffy, we were all immersed in the creative learning process. A 12-week course suddenly looked like a 4-year course in a higher institution with practical, enjoyment and complete emotional emersion.

The Acting for Screen class was so much fun, learning about the real world of acting from a global perspective. It was amazing meeting with other incredible actors - different characters and backgrounds. Everyone having enormous charisma. And trust me; each of us is already fired up to lead the creative industry. Thanks to the EbonyLife Creative Academy.

“Sweet sixteen”, as we are fondly called, comprises nine charming ladies and seven dynamic guys who don't think in sync with every script but the love for the business is our common drive. Godwin JP, Joel Cicero, Adesuwa Oronsanye, Alex Olanrewaju, Samuel Abah, Uzoamaka Onuoha, Susan Okolo, Tris Udeh, Chukwuyem Mary Agholor, Desmond Bryce, Timibra David, Genoveva Umeh, Laura Pepple, Roseanne Chikwendu and Jon Babs will always ring a bell in the creative industry no doubt.

“One is a comedian, the only sugar daddy of the scene and hardly sins. Another is so tall, handsome, come very early to class and clutches on to his games while internalizing all the lines.

The other feeds us not just with cakes and intercontinental meat pies, but with such pulchritude, you find only on Broadway. Another is a supermodel, with a height taller than the Eiffel Tower and poised to be the future queen of the most delicious muffins.

Two are very talented photographers. One flies drones, bullies this pen and levels every mountain only for the sexes just like James Bond. The other, films our exercises, commute all the cast that sleep and wake each morning at Lekki and smiles like the fountain every day.

One is an Adonis, lanky and prettier than rose flowers; he is a father figure who gave us the most priceless memories during our exercises. Another is fair as the moon, bright as the sun and never gives room for anyone to trample on our ego.

One is a comedienne and our free Wi-Fi for all exercises and even for leisure, she should have been surnamed generous just like Cornelius. Another is an energy demigod with a simple demeanour, speaks like Margaret Thatcher, and makes such sweet music with her impeccable English.

We will never forget that black boy. He is not easy to come by at all, all great actors never come that cheap and he brings such magic on the screen each time he acts. One was born to administrate and produce great results, endowed with such caramel looks and drop-dead dress sense that is so adorable like brown skin girls.

Another is a lioness, beautiful, witty, and deeply intelligent; always critiquing our works without severe criticism. One possesses such lusciousness mixed with enigma and has the great charm of an erudite.

Another is an actor, orator and writer, born to inspire, motivate and guide others to the truth. One is a look-alike of MJ, a dexterous Thespis and ever-blooming with such attractiveness as the sun rises each day.

He is the most humble of us all, we all have our exceptional monikers for him owing to how much he has moulded our lives and mixes with us like we have all been friends from way back and that is Sir Drikus Volschenk our acting coach.”

EbonyLife Creative Academy (ELCA) has announced the launch of its third intake of students for a range of courses across the filmmaking spectrum. All of the courses are free of charge, courtesy of funding by the Lagos State Government through the Lagos State Creative Industries Initiative (LACI), under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Please visit to register.

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