BrandArena: Clubhouse Reaches Millions of Users in Nigeria

Friday 2 July 2021

Clubhouse Reaches Millions of Users in Nigeria

...planning for creator tipping, subscriptions, and ticketing

The social audio app, Clubhouse, is gaining in popularity throughout Nigeria and across the globe with millions of people jumping into a wide array of live discussions around music, movies, sports, business, food, and every other imaginable subject. More than eight million people have joined since the platform launched on Android and it’s growing rapidly.  

Currently, more than 500,000 rooms are created daily, and the average Clubhouse user spends more than 60 minutes each day listening and chatting on the platform. “Clubhouse is focused on its vision of building an exciting, thriving, creator community in Nigeria and around the world.” Says its Co-Founder, Paul Davison.

The platform, which launched in 2020, is a free social media app powered by voice where people discuss an infinite number of topics in, “rooms.” The absence of video allows people to focus on speaking with one another versus talking at them. The moderators, who can speak freely, can also call on members of the audience who want to participate. You can tell who is talking by looking for a subtle halo around a participant’s photo. Anyone can start a room. The app also has “clubs” that can create recurring rooms and have members.

The company says the popularity of the platform has shown how universal voice is as a medium. For instance, Farmers in rural Georgia are making friends with entrepreneurs in Tanzania. Film clubs are forming in India. Debate rooms, singalongs, and quiz shows are showing up in German, Italian, and Middle Eastern communities. In Nigeria, Clubhouse has seen an explosion of excitement around tech, job opportunities, Nollywood, football, and music, especially around Nigerian recording artists.  

During an interview with BrandArena and other media organizations in Nigeria via the platform, Paul Davison, Co-founder and CEO, Clubhouse said the social audio app is "planning for creator tipping, subscriptions, and ticketing, as additional mechanisms for direct creator monetization.  

He stated that he was not surprised that others have started adding audio features to their products. "We don’t focus on competitors. Our product and our community are all that matters to us", he said. 

“We’ve seen first-hand what we’ve always believed—that the need to gather with other humans is universal”, Rohan Seth, ClubHouse Co-founder added. 

Clubhouse is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. It’s currently in beta, but anyone can join with an invitation from an existing user.

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