BrandArena: Bedroom Makeover Worth N1 Million up for Grabs as Mouka Launches New Campaign

Friday 16 July 2021

Bedroom Makeover Worth N1 Million up for Grabs as Mouka Launches New Campaign

Mouka, Nigeria’s leading brand of mattresses and pillows has launched a new campaign to encourage consumers to buy the right Mouka mattress based on their unique needs.

The “Get the Mouka for You” campaign seeks to educate consumers about the need to consider their age, body build, lifestyle and budget before choosing the right Mouka mattress. The campaign also features the leading associations in the bedding industry, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) and National Association of Orthopaedic and Manual Therapists (NAOMT).

According to these experts, sleeping on the right mattress is paramount for proper body alignment, support and relief from pressure points. These are all needed for quality sleep to enable the individual to wake up refreshed the following day.

To further entrench this “buy right” behaviour, Mouka has rolled out a competition in which one lucky consumer gets to win a bedroom makeover worth up to N1 million.

To participate, consumers visit the Mouka website to fill an online questionnaire that tells them the right Mouka mattress for them. Afterwards, they take a screenshot and post it on social media using the hashtag #IFoundMyMouka. They also need to tag @MoukaLimited and challenge two friends to find their Mouka as well. The terms and conditions for this competition can be found on @MoukaLimited’s Instagram and Facebook platforms.

Mouka’s impressive portfolio includes the Dreamtime mattresses specially designed for children, Royal Luxury Pillow Top mattress, Wellbeing orthopaedic range for adults and the elderly, and a wide range of pillows.


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