BrandArena: Opera launches Hype, an in-browser chat service for Opera Mini users in South Africa, Zambia and Ghana

Thursday 10 June 2021

Opera launches Hype, an in-browser chat service for Opera Mini users in South Africa, Zambia and Ghana

Opera has officially launched Hype, an in-browser chat service for Opera Mini users, in Africa, specifically South Africa, Zambia and Ghana. Hype allows users to easily set up an account and start chatting with secure end-to-end encryption. Users can browse the web, chat with friends, and share self-created memes, stickers and GIFs with other Hype users, all in one app.

Hype redefines the concept of mobile browsers as it provides users with a personalized, engaging browsing experience that enables seamless chatting, surfing and sharing – without compromising speed or driving increased data consumption. 

According to Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile Browsers at Opera, “Hype is an original instant messaging service from Opera, designed for the new generation of African internet users to elevate the traditional browsing experience and make it more engaging. With Opera Mini and a Hype account, Africans can enjoy a browsing and chatting ecosystem tailored to their needs”

“Hype bridges cultures from Sub-Saharan Africa with mobile technology, as the world’s first African-inspired chat service.” he adds.

Opera first piloted Hype in Kenya early 2021 and it has already garnered over 400k activations and more than 10k invites to join Hype per day.

Opera says that Hype was built because younger generations of internet users are expecting more social connectivity from the apps they use on their devices. With this integration, Opera Mini becomes the first major browser in the world to integrate a social component that keeps users connected to the ones that matter the most. This unique and innovative blend is something that no other mobile browser in the Google Play Store offers.

To help familiarize people with the concept of an easy-to-use chatting service built into a browser and as a response to the high cost of data in Sub-Saharan Africa, Opera has partnered with the leading carriers in South Africa, Zambia and Ghana. Users of Opera Mini and CELL C in South Africa, MTN in Zambia and Vodafone or MTN in Ghana can activate the free data anytime by opening the Feedback Bot in Hype, sending “Unlock my free data” in chat, then clicking the link in the reply message. The free mobile data will be activated when the page is loaded. 

To activate the Hype account, users should have an Opera Mini application. Users set up a Hype account by tapping the Hype logo at the bottom of the Opera Mini browser, or through the O menu. Next they choose their name and take a selfie or upload a personalised photo, which will become their profile picture and will be visible for other Hype users. Once this process is completed, users sync Hype with their phone contact list to start chatting with others.

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