BrandArena: Enyo: Celebrating Four years of Innovation and Customer Loyalty

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Enyo: Celebrating Four years of Innovation and Customer Loyalty

The impact of many brands in our society is in how well they are positioned to provide solutions that meet the needs of everyday consumers. In today’s world, the dynamic of service delivery continues to evolve, and brands are creating platforms that enable growth and sustenance. In the downstream Oil and Gas sector, organisations like Enyo is creating a prototype for good service delivery and its investment in community support.

Established in 2017, Enyo Retail and Supply Limited is a customer-focused and technology-driven fuels retailing company with a focus to integrate good service experience and renewable energy products in Africa. Currently supplying up to 2 per cent of the national demand for refined products in 

Nigeria, Enyo continues to impact growth in local communities while driving economic development. The company has grown to be one of the leading players in the downstream oil sector, pioneering technology revolution in the downstream sector for additional value to support households and businesses. In the past four years, Enyo Retail and Supply has brought an innovative and conducive approach to consumer relations with various initiatives, positioning the company as an enabler of effective lifestyle for consumers.

Enyo has 95 stations across 19 states serving over 100,000 people daily. With each station, the company continues to provide jobs for community members and impact small and medium businesses. The company recently rolled out solar-powered solutions across its outlets to support the sustainable development goal of improving energy efficiency. This effort is also aimed at providing alternative power and clean energy for the environment, as well as improve operations. The solar initiative enables the opportunity to contribute to maintaining a healthier and sustainable environment within local communities. Also, it helps Enyo stations to function for longer hours because they do not have to rely on the national grid or generators. The company also partners with local solution providers in achieving this as a way to further support local businesses for growth.

‘‘Our hallmark at Enyo is that we are customer-focused, and we uphold that in all the services we provide. We operate a business where we interface with consumers daily hence, we ensure that we uphold a high level of trust. We set ourselves apart in the products we offer, such that when we say Our liter is a liter, consumers can attest to this when buying from our retail stations. Same for our Gas distribution where we ensure that a Kg is a kg. We try as much to invest in building trust because it is very important to what we do. What we have achieved in four years is largely because our customers believe in our brand and we have tried to invest in people’s growth with each new outlet we build, impacting the local communities and small businesses in general’’ said Abayomi Awobokun, CEO, Enyo Retail and Supply Limited

Enyo has also invested in tech to continuously provide convenience for consumers. With Velox, a wallet-based solution system that can be accessed through a card or RFID stickers to purchase fuel products across Enyo outlets, car owners have access to a platform that enables ease, management and control of their fuel-related spending. The company also has a Liquified Petroleum Gas called Superior Liquefied Gas (SL-Gas) home delivery system that enables ease for consumers in having access to Gas products. And when you visit some Enyo outlet, be rest assured that you can access ‘Reelax’, a range of convenience store where you can buy the best groceries at affordable prices. 

Enyo has also been at the forefront in empowerment and capacity building for young people through the pilot edition of the ENYO Open Ideas Competition (EOIC).  The competition featured an innovative contest to challenge the brightest design minds in the country to create a sustainable design of its service stations. Over 350 innovative designs were received by youths across the country. 

The top 3 winners received cash prizes and an opportunity to collaborate with Enyo team. The platform was indeed a means to expose young individuals to life-changing opportunities. The 2021 edition is set to launch this June themed around recycling. With more outlets established across various parts of the country, Enyo continues to position itself as a brand available to support the lifestyle of consumers and enhancing value.

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