BrandArena: RECYCLAN and EMPOWER partner to supply traceable, blockchain secured feedstock of Post Consumer PET

Monday 17 May 2021

RECYCLAN and EMPOWER partner to supply traceable, blockchain secured feedstock of Post Consumer PET

RECYCLAN, the market leader in sustainable recycled PET supply from Africa today announces a partnership with EMPOWER to set a new standard in transparent and traceable supply of certified post consumer and post industrial PET plastic from Africa. Empower is a blockchain enabled platform that generates value out of plastic waste - enabling collectors, recyclers, brands and consumers to make a real impact on the environment.

Founded in 2018, Recyclan is a social enterprise that reprocesses PET plastic products that have been discarded as waste and turns them into the highest-grade recycled PET product that is reused in the food and beverage industry. This is done by the process of hotwashing, sanitising and extrusion; ensuring we conserve energy, reduce air and water pollution, reduce greenhouse gases, and conserve natural resources.

Recyclan is operational in 14 African countries and in the UK.

With this partnership, Recyclan has added state of the art transparency and traceability in its supply chain allowing for plastic that not only cleans up the environment and reduces carbon emissions, but also has a direct social impact.

The Empower platform ensures immutable data points and transparency as well as direct and measurable social impact. Empower tracks all the materials from the point/place of collection to conversion to new products, giving plastic waste a higher value and turning it into new packaging, while making the unique journey of the product available for its customers with full transparency.

“Our ultimate aim is to create a disruptive and circular global plastic waste ecosystem that enables a cost-efficient and reliable sourcing of recycled plastics. Working with a market leader like Recyclan we can help ensure transparency in supply chains for European buyers while creating jobs for people that need it the most.” explains Wilhelm Myrer, CEO & Founder of Empower

Harold Okonoboh (CEO, Recyclan Africa) adds that "We are excited to bring transparency and data tracing as a core value proposition to our customers and clients, in partnership with Empower. This ties to our strive to “plastic responsibly”.

Recyclan’s recovery and recycling projection for the year 2021 is 40,000 tons, We aim to scale to 120,000 tons in FY 2022.

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