BrandArena: #FacebookCreators: Owning their narratives and fueling success with passion

Thursday 20 May 2021

#FacebookCreators: Owning their narratives and fueling success with passion

The ongoing Facebook Creators campaign which features eight creative artists from Nigeria and Ghana, has been an interesting exposé into the life of the creatives, producing great insights into their creative process, and highlighting how Facebook has provided the platform to positively impact their audiences.

Renowned Nigerian dancer Kaffy; Ghanaian photographer, Enoch Boateng; Nigerian comedienne, Taaooma, and Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur, Claudia Lumor share stories of how they have found a voice via Facebook and its family of apps to connect with audiences both home and abroad.

Dr. Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, popularly known as Kaffy, is an outstanding Nigerian creative who shot into the limelight when she led her dance group to break the Guinness Book of Records for the ‘Longest Dance Party’ after dancing for 55hours and 40minutes. Today she traverses the entire range of the creative spectrum as an author, podcaster, award-winning creative director, choreographer, and costume maker.

For Kaffy, Facebook was simply a means of putting herself out there at the beginning, but as her influence grew, she soon found that it served as a pulse-checker for her content. She received  instant feedback from her followers about how they felt about her content. According to her, “Facebook and Instagram help you to get feedback about what your audience thinks about your content. It is a portfolio of who you are. Facebook and Instagram are no longer mere social tools, they now serve as an office where you can catalogue your work and even showcase your creative process. It is now like oxygen for creatives”.

Facebook and its family of apps have not only helped Kaffy build a vibrant community online but also proved to be a unifying force in people’s lives both online and offline. Kaffy experienced this first hand when she got reunited with her sister after 22 years. They found each other through Facebook after her world record-breaking news went viral.

Enoch Boateng is one creative from the heart of Ghana who tells great stories with his camera. Popularly known as PK or Kwesi Focus, he is the Creative Director and Founder of FocusnBlur Photography. He leverages the power of Facebook and Instagram to showcase his craft and reach a wider audience. With a decade experience in the photography industry, PK has worked on major events and made his brand a household name in Ghana.

Enoch enthused about the role Facebook and Instagram played in helping to grow his brand: “Majority of our clients are converted through Facebook and Instagram, and we are able to close deals on WhatsApp business. These Apps have really helped to promote the FocusnBlur brand.”

Maryam Apaokagi, popularly known as Taaooma is a talented artist who is particularly known for her ability to interpret diverse characters easily. Her comedy skits are centered on African mothers and their unique manner of discipline. Taaooma believes that Facebook remains the best tool for content sharing as it allows for quick and easy engagement with her fast-growing fan base. She also uses Facebook as a responsiveness gauge by utilizing the comments and reactions of her audience to ascertain how relatable her content is.

Claudia Lumor is a Ghanaian publisher, founder of Glitz Africa Magazine and the Glitz Style Awards. With a background in Economics and Law, Claudia started off working in a bank in the United Kingdom before moving to Ghana. She later left the banking sector to kickstart a platform that celebrates African people, particularly Ghanaians, in a way that would make Africans proud.

According to Claudia, when Glitz began, “Facebook was the best way for us to engage our audience and reach out as traditional print was expensive”. Claudia believes that originality is key to the success of any creative artist which is why she advises: “Be yourself! Trust yourself! Allow my story and achievements to inspire you to become a better version of yourself”.

Alongside Kaffy, Enoch Boateng, Taaooma, and Claudia Lumor, the Facebook Creators campaign also features Emmanuel Oyeleke, Funke Adepoju, Dancegod Lloyd, and the Dream Catchers Academy. Watch their stories on Facebook Africa page, Pulse Nigeria and Pulse Ghana to find out more about how these two creative artists have succeeded, and how Facebook and Instagram have contributed to their growth and success.

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