BrandArena: Animation films are the stars of the 8th edition of the NollywoodWeek film festival

Thursday 6 May 2021

Animation films are the stars of the 8th edition of the NollywoodWeek film festival

The 8th edition of the NollywoodWeek film festival which will be launched online from May 6th to 9th is showcasing a record number of entries in the animation category. This year, NollywoodWeek, one of the leading forums for the discovery and distribution of high-quality productions from Nigeria has expanded to receive films from other African countries as well as the African Diaspora. Animation has made a stellar entrance into the festival according to festival director Nadira Shakur. 

“This year we are celebrating the entry of 5 animations, 4 shorts and a feature film from Nigeria called Ladybuckit and the Mopley Mopsters, a Nigerian adventure through time seen through the eyes of a young girl which happens to be the very first animation feature film to come out of Nigeria and to be released in the cinemas there. We are delighted to profile the talent that is now booming in this sector”, she said.

For the organisers, this development in the area of animation is a testament to the specialisation and professionalisation that is taking place in the African cinema landscape. “The industry is developing rapidly with an increasing number of production houses specializing in animation. Many young people, both self-taught and certified, are being creative and re-defining how we tell African stories and of course, animation is one of the best ways to expand the audience for home-grown, exciting African content that can inform, challenge and delight younger viewers” added Nadira.

NollywoodWeek film festival aims to bring the best of Nigerian talent to the global scene. This year’s edition will include 4 world-premieres. The networking and community aspect of the festival will be maintained through the virtual Networking Hub, the Q&A sessions after each film and panel discussions on screenwriting, funding the African animation sector and distribution of African content. The festival will showcase over 30 entries, including feature films, animations, and  short films from Nigeria, Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States.

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