BrandArena: DLM Capital Group Unveils 5,000,000 Units Of Fixed Income Fund

Thursday 29 April 2021

DLM Capital Group Unveils 5,000,000 Units Of Fixed Income Fund

Leading developmental investment institution, DLM Capital Group, has unveiled its Fixed Income Fund which aims to provide capital preservation and income generation.

The Fund, called the DLM Fixed Income Fund is classified as an Open-ended Unit Trust Scheme and will invest at least 70% of its assets in high quality fixed income securities with a term to maturity not less than 365 days, while a maximum of 30% will be invested in quality money market instruments. The Fund is constituted by a Trust Deed in favour of UTL Trust Management Services Limited as Trustee with 5,000,000 Units being offered for subscription at the launch of the Fund.

The DLM Fixed Income Fund will be managed by DLM Asset Management Limited, the Asset Management unit of the DLM Capital Group. DLM Asset Management is licensed as a Portfolio/Fund Manager and Investment Advisor regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC) on July 27, 2009. The fund manager has demonstrated competence in managing clients’ investment needs with its range of products and services.

Highlights of the Fund
  • DLM Fixed Income was launched in April 2021.
  • The Fund invests a 100% of its portfolio in n high quality debt instruments and money market instruments.
  • 90 days minimum holding period
  • The penalty for redeeming within the minimum holding period is 0.75% on the accrued income.
  • The minimum investment amount is N500,000.00.
  • The fund is an open-ended unit trust scheme.
  • The Management Fee is 1.50%
DLM Capital Group is a Developmental Investment Bank that provides innovative solutions to economic and social developmental challenges that impact the everyday lives of people. Since its inception, the bank has concentrated on creating markets, products, and long-term financing solutions to key sectors of the Nigerian economy that would benefit end customers to improve their well-being.  

The investment bank comprises of subsidiaries in bespoke corporate finance advisory, trustee, asset management, and securities trading arms, to sovereign/sub-sovereign entities as well as private & non-private corporations. The bank thrives on funding sectors of the Nigerian economy using innovative financing techniques, in particular, securitization and other structured finance techniques. 

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