BrandArena: Canon unveils CJ17ex6.2B – a 4K-capable BCTV lens with wide focal length range

Friday 9 April 2021

Canon unveils CJ17ex6.2B – a 4K-capable BCTV lens with wide focal length range

Responding to the growing requirement for broadcasters to upgrade from HD to 4K, and the need for a 4K workflow to suit a range of budgets, Canon Europe ( today announces the launch of the CJ17ex6.2B. This versatile, compact, lightweight and optically excellent lens for 2/3” 4K cameras, is Canon’s latest addition to its UHDgc series of portable 4K broadcast zoom lenses. 

With a large focal length range, it offers both wide-angle and telephoto capabilities – enabling broadcasters to film various scenarios and different angles with just a single lens.

A 4K lens that meets industry standards
While 4K is quickly becoming the norm, there are many elements that makeup optically excellent images. On top of meeting the demand for 4K, the CJ17ex6.2B minimises ghosting and flare for better HDR results and is compatible with chromatic aberration correction function of a broadcast camera that is based on the BT.2020 wide colour gamut (WCG).

Effectively using UD lens elements in its unique optical layout, the lens suppresses chromatic aberrations and fringing – resulting in excellent colour reproduction and edge-to-edge sharpness and contrast of the image. Coupled with its feature to support HDR and WCG, professionals can expect rich visuals from the lens – helping meet viewer demands for outstanding image quality.

Flexible and versatile for any scenario
The CJ17ex6.2B offers professionals the ideal single lens solution with high magnification. With a wide-angle view at 6.2mm, along with its 17x zoom ratio, it provides a broad focal range of 6.2mm to 106mm, and 12.4mm to 212mm when using with the built-in 2x optical extender. The capability to capture images at both a wide-angle and at telephoto focal length, while maintaining stunning optical performance, provides a solution to the industry demand for flexible kit.

Great for on-shoulder shooting and interviewing, the lens delivers 4K quality in a compact, lightweight body weighing just 2.07kg. It offers the durability and operability of a conventional HD lens – ensuring the high mobility needs demanded of cameras in the reporting and documentary fields are met with excellence.

Maximised performance
Featuring a 16-bit absolute value encoder, the CJ17ex6.2B supports the same high-performance digital drive unit seen in other UHDgc lenses and in Canon’s UHDxs series. This feature means the lens can power-on without initialisation – ensuring functionality, such as the camera-side aberration correction and lens positional information detection are ready at start-up – so professionals never miss a moment. Further maximising the performance of 4K camera systems, the CJ17ex6.2B supports three 20-pin connectors – enabling readout of high accuracy lens data while using the zoom and focus demands, a strong feature that supports compatibility with virtual production platforms.

Amine Djouahra, Sales and Marketing Director at Canon Central and North Africa “With the addition of the CJ17ex6.2B, Canon further expands its 18-strong line-up of 4K broadcast lenses – the biggest in the industry [6], and continues to help the wide-ranging needs of professionals filming everything from events and sports to news and studio content.”

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