BrandArena: Irantiola's drama, ‘With our Uniform’ mirrors Societal Injustice amongst others

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Irantiola's drama, ‘With our Uniform’ mirrors Societal Injustice amongst others

To showcase societal decadence and the ruthless use of force by uniformed men, “With our Uniform” a satirical stage drama written by Olutayo Irantiola came alive at the just concluded Lagos Fringe Festival. The play was staged between 20th and 22nd November at Freedom Park, Lagos Island.

The drama directed by Lanre Quadri tells the story of how uniformed men extort innocent and unsuspecting citizens of their hard-earned income, just to augment their poor remuneration.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the production, Olutayo Irantiola, revealed his passion for using art to reform the society and instilling quality value.

He said, “With our Uniform is a satire about the law enforcement agency – Police force, fused with comedy and witty dialogue. The response of the law enforcement officers to the spate of protests in Nigeria is quite disturbing. My concerns are particularly about the injustice experienced by the majority of our young and vibrant youths in the country.

“I am committed to telling the Nigerian story through plays. My art seeks to explore topical issues that affect the everyday Nigerian. The drama is an imitation of life and I am thrilled that it captures important facts in a subtle but entertaining way”.

Commenting on the play, Lanre Quadri who directed the drama said, “I am delighted we were able to bring our ideas to life and people were able to connect to the play. We were able to get talented crew and so rehearsals were done within a short time. I have always wanted to work on a project that addresses societal issues and I believe this drama would spur the change we desire. It also serves as a reminder of what was and what could be.”

The cast includes Damilola Adebayo; Ismaila Adeshina; Agnes Olayemi; Ogunse Tosin; Akintunde Tosin and Osho Olowu Micheal. Others are Adeniyi Oluwafemi; Christiana Ndukwe; Friday Onyenankeya;  Lawrence Babatunde and Damilola Adeyinka.

Olutayo Irantiola is renowned within the Art and Literary Circles. He is the convener of the Literary Reading Group; Atokun of Yoruba Lakotun and  Public Relations Professional. This production is his debut and he promises to tell more stories that will lead to the desired attitudinal change in the society.

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